Inverter/Charger minimizes idling in commercial vehicles.

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Designed to meet SAE 1455 standards, VISTER IC-2000 for battery-based systems provides continuous power ranging from 600-3,000 W with surge capacity up to 3x power for up to 2 sec. Unit delivers up to 10 hr of battery-operated idle time and can withstand environmental stresses including operating temperatures from -40 to +70°C. With durable design, anti-idling solution can be mounted onto vehicle exterior, in battery box.

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HDM Takes Lead with Inverter/Charger for Anti-Idling Systems


Allston, MA, Jan.10, 2008 - In anticipation of increasingly strict emissions legislation, HDM introduces the VISTER IC-2000 Inverter/Charger system for commercial vehicles. HDM's VISTER IC-2000 Inverter/Charger is the first and only system for idle-reduction that meets SAE 1455 standards and OEM performance specifications.

HDM already provides its patent-pending VISTER IC-2000 Inverter/Charger directly to a major US commercial trucking manufacturer and collaborates with systems integrators, such as Dometic Environmental Systems to provide HDM's wide array of power products to additional truck OEM's and fleet owners. According to Dometic's senior VP of marketing and strategic business development, Lou Siegel, "HDM's Inverter/Charger clearly outperforms the competition, maintaining its capacity, even in harsh climates."

As municipalities throughout the US and Canada create regulations to prohibit commercial vehicle idling - and as more jurisdictions enforce these anti-idle regulations - OEMs, integrators and fleet owners can no longer delay the adoption of anti-idle systems.

Diesel auxiliary power units (APUs) are in use, but fail to eliminate emissions to the level required by the new legislation. Only emissions-free battery-electric systems satisfy these regulations.

Benefits of Battery-Electric Systems
Battery-electric systems save an estimated 13.5 tons of CO2 equivalent per year per truck, and yield as much as an 8% increase in fuel economy, by eliminating the need for truck idling. And unlike diesel APU's, battery-electric systems are silent, an added comfort for truck operators.

Unique features of the HDM VISTER Inverter/Charger include:

o High power capability, providing continuous power ranging from 600W up to 3000W, with a surge capacity of up to 3x the power for up to 2 seconds

o Design for efficiency, providing up to 10 hours of battery-operated idle time

o Ability to withstand environmental stresses, including water (3psi), shock and vibration, and extreme operating temperatures (-40°C to +70°C)

o High-density, durable design that enables it to be mounted onto the vehicle exterior, in the battery box. Similar competitor systems must be mounted inside the cab, generating dissipated heat output equivalent to 680 Btu/hr, thus reducing 5-10% of the no-idle power capacity

o Customization. The HDM VISTER, as well as all HDM products, is designed specifically to each system's operating specifications

The battery-based anti-idling solution consists of three main components: alternator, battery bank and Inverter/Charger combination system. The deep-cycle lead-acid battery bank provides electric power to operate the commercial vehicle hotel load (electronics and appliances) and climate control system via the Inverter. The battery bank can be recharged either by the alternator during normal driving, or by 120VAC shore power via the charger.

HDM's patented pulse charging algorithm dramatically improves battery charge time, capacity and life cycle. Extensive electrical protections and features include AC Input, Load Dump, and Transient Voltage Protections, as well as low current drain during idle periods (0.2Adc). The VISTER IC-2000 Inverter/Charger is available in isolated and non-isolated versions.

About HDM
HDM designs and manufactures cost-effective, advanced power electronics for mobile applications and is the industry leader for battery-related solutions. In addition to the VISTER IC-2000 Inverter/Charger, HDM's proprietary battery monitors, equalizers and separators are designed to further enhance system functionality and performance. All of HDM's products exemplify technological excellence, reliability and innovation.

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