Introducing the Newest Additions to the DE-STA-CO® Toggle Lock Plus Line-up


The Latch Clamp includes:

o Vertical Latch or Horizontal Latch

o Ergonomic thumb-controlled locking lever

o Ergonomic handle

o Durable carbon steel construction

o Locks to base

o Supplied with U-hook and latch plate

o Patented design (Horizontal: US Pat 5,165,148 | Vertical: Patent Pending)

Additional Information

o Latch Clamp Flyer with dimensions and technical specifications

o CAD drawings

The Latch Clamp is ideal for use in various industries including:

o Transportation

o Aerospace

o Automotive

o Military/Defense

o Industrial

o Consumer Products


Ideal for quick clamping for the closures of covers and flaps on rotating or stationary containers, drums boxes and molds - or for any application where the possibility of unintential opening exists due to vibration or abrupt movement.

Four Models Available

Model Holding Capacity Mechanical Advantage
lbf kN
344-R 2000 8.90 45:1
334-R 1000 4.49 31:1
324-R 500 2.22 31:1
323-R 360 1.60 27:1

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