IntexyS and Lightfleet Enable High Bandwidth with Free Space, Optical Interconnect

Integrated Component Broadcasts Data-Carrying Light to Miniature Receivers, Reducing Internal Bottlenecks in Inter-Processor Communications

TOULOUSE, France, and CAMAS, Wash., Sept. 17 / / - IntexyS Photonics SA and Lightfleet(R) Corporation announced an arrangement to combine optical component technologies to deliver an integrated, high performance interconnect enabling continuously parallel communications in data- and performance-intensive computing, communications and embedded systems applications.

Shipping this year will be the patented Lightfleet Corowave(TM) interconnect, which uses multi-channel, broadcast light to transmit data through "free space," eliminating the need for fiber-optic cabling or copper wiring as conduits. The combination of optoelectronic receivers with laser transmitters creates multiple, simultaneous channels to achieve continuously parallel communications. The data-carrying light beams are spread through lenses, reflected from mirrors, crisscrossed in free space, and re-focused to the receivers. The result is a highly reliable, continuous transmission of data in multiple connections that include all of the nodes in a system.

Lightfleet is pioneering the innovative approach, employing modulated light as a high-bandwidth conduit to replace legacy, hard-wired bus technology that impedes today's heavier data flows in computing and communications systems.

IntexyS supplies the receivers used to capture and convert the broadcast light beams into electronic signals. In the smallest form factor on the market, the IntexyS Surface Mount Optical Devices (SMOD) provide the high reliability, high density and high data throughput required by Lightfleet for its patented, broadcast light technology and interconnect design.

"IntexyS high-precision optical receivers are critical components to enable the game-changing, performance improvements that the Corowave interconnect technology achieves in system communications," said Chris Kruell, VP of Marketing at Lightfleet. "We chose the IntexyS SMOD receiver in part because of its reliability and adaptability to the space, power, and environmental needs of the Corowave design."

"Communications bottlenecks remain significant obstacles in computing, but innovative solutions such as the Corowave optical interconnect are removing wires and changing the rules of connected computing," said Terry Thomas, VP of Sales and Marketing for IntexyS. "Wireless communication using RF technologies has already transformed the telecommunications marketplace, relieving the restrictions of cord-bound connections. Wireless communication using light in free space is now enabling advances in data communications, creating new potential for unobstructed processing of today's dynamic information needs. We are excited to be contributing the IntexyS SMOD receiver to this innovative solution."

About Lightfleet Corporation

Using its patented Corowave(TM) technology, Lightfleet(R) Corporation is providing compact solutions that deliver unparalleled system-level computing performance with low-impact environmental characteristics. Systems incorporating Corowave technology use a patented simultaneous, all-to-all broadcast optical capability to dramatically reduce internal data bottlenecks caused by inter-processor communication and internal bandwidth limitations of today's system designs. Founded in Camas, Washington in 2003, Lightfleet Corporation targets medium and large enterprises in the commercial and government sectors, with special emphasis on customers with communications- bound applications.

About IntexyS:

IntexyS Photonics SA designs, manufactures and markets highly integrated optical-electronic modules for high speed applications based on its patented and industrial-proven flip chip hybridization technology. The company provides multi-standard compliant transmitter and receiver solutions for serial and parallel optical interconnects. Headquartered in Toulouse, France, IntexyS Photonics has a joint R&D laboratory with the CEA/LETI in Grenoble, France and a U.S. commercial and engineering office in Sunnyvale, California.

Source: IntexyS Photonics SA

CONTACT: Terry Thomas, VP Sales & Marketing of IntexyS Photonics,
+1-408-501-8851,; or Chris Kruell, VP
of Lightfleet Corporation, +1-360-816-2803,

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