International Products Corporation Offers New 1 Liter Size of P-80® Emulsion IFC

Burlington, New Jersey, USA: International Products Corporation's (IPC) P-80® Emulsion IFC (Incidental Food Contact) formula is now available in 1-liter containers and will be sold in cases of 12. This new package size is in addition to the currently offered range of sizes for P-80 Emulsion IFC, spanning from tubes to drums.

Bottle features include:

• Easy-to-use and store shape

• Strong construction and cap induction seal to reduce the chance of in-transit damage

• Global metric sizing

• Detailed product information

• Spray top available

P-80® lubricants provide temporary lubrication that ease assembly of tight-fitting components such as o-rings, hoses, seals, grommets, bushings, grips and many other parts. By reducing the force needed for assembly, P-80® products help speed production while lowering the incidence of damaged parts and injury to workers. P-80® lubricants are widely used in the food and beverage, medical device manufacturing, automotive, appliance, and pump industries, and are compatible with elastomers, metals and most plastics.

P-80® Emulsion IFC has similar lubricating properties to industrial P-80® Emulsion, is NSF registered as an H1 lubricant, and meets FDA regulation 21 CFR 178.3570, allowing for its use in incidental food contact applications. Pricing can be found online at

About International Products Corporation: Founded in 1923, IPC specializes in the manufacture and distribution of environmentally-friendly temporary assembly lubricants and precision cleaners at their ISO 9001-Certified facility in Burlington, New Jersey. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing, packaging, and warehousing facility is equipped with an on-site laboratory for analytical work and provides free consultation on your assembly and cleaning processes.

All of IPC's products are Made in the USA and are readily available worldwide through their network of global distributors. For more information or free samples, visit or call 609-386-8770.

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