International Magnaproducts Sells "Magic" Paper

"Magic" Green Magnetic Viewer Paper, that is. Many years ago, a company located in Vandalia, Ohio worked with National Cash Register and invented this integral tool for the magnetics industry. Suddenly, flux lines and the "Neutral Zone" were visible to the eye, and multi-pole magnets were defined by an easy to use visual aid that anyone could utilize and work with. You no longer needed a degree in magnetics or engineering to understand the relation between the poles or how to visualize a multi-pole magnet!

This material is essentially Mylar paper which is created by an encapsulation method with nickel/ferrite powder and K-10 Kerosene to enshrine the powder onto the Mylar. The result is "magic paper!" Encapsulation is the same method that is used to make time-release medicines capsules such as Tylenol. Creating this method opened many avenues to explore, and eventually, a standardized version was offered for sale to magnetic producers and suppliers worldwide.

After its invention, the flux lines and pole directions of a magnet are able to be viewed individually. Cleaner than using iron powder to check the poles, this viewing film can be used more than 2,000 times repeatedly, and this allows users to determine the number of poles in a multi-pole magnet at a glance, which has proven to be indispensable to the magnetics industry.

Here at IMI, everyone has a 3X3 swatch on their desk! Not only do they provide a quick inspection of our magnets, they are entertaining for a few minutes of visual stimulation! The designs and images shown of the magnetic poles are better than the most graphic designers can draw up…possibly.

Storage for this product is one year at 25 degrees C, and comes in 0.006 to 0.008 inch thickness. While for bulk orders it is available in roll form up to 18 inches wide and 20 feet long, the most popular standard sheet sizes IMI offers are 12x12 inch square sheets, but we also offer 3x3 inch square sample sizes. IMI also sells 5 lb. grab bag sample boxes, in which magnets of various sizes and a sheet of magic paper is included for your budding magnetics fans to get a few samples for a low cost.

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