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Engineers can use NI PCI-1588 Interface to synchronize clocks and events on multiple distributed devices with submicrosecond precision using IEEE 1588 precision time protocol. It uses RJ-45 Ethernet cabling and can operate as either master or slave clock module. Future time events and time stamping capabilities can be used to correlate events distributed across Ethernet network. Onboard FPGA let engineers adjust frequency and phase of onboard IEEE 1588 clock.

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NI Announces Industry's First IEEE 1588 PCI Interface for Distributed Synchronization

NEWS RELEASE - Sept. 27, 2005 - Engineers now can use the new National Instruments PCI-1588 interface to synchronize clocks and events on multiple distributed devices with submicrosecond precision using the IEEE 1588 precision time protocol (PTP). The new interface is ideal for developing synchronized data acquisition systems as well as synchronizing IEEE 1588-capable industrial control and test and measurement devices, including future Class A and B LXI devices. The NI PCI-1588 interface is part of the NI family of synchronization technologies that includes subnanosecond PXI backplane synchronization, multichassis timing interfaces and standardized software libraries.

The NI PCI-1588 interface synchronizes its clocks with other IEEE 1588-capable devices through a built-in Ethernet port. With this synchronized timebase, it can synchronize events using three general-purpose I/O pins and a RTSI bus connection for synchronization with traditional instruments or PLCs and other PCI plug-in devices, respectively. For example, engineers can use the new interface to create a geographically distributed data acquisition system with Ethernet while synchronizing clocks to within 200 ns. The interface uses NI-SYNC driver software, which offers a common software interface for different synchronization techniques including IEEE 1588, PXI backplane and PXI multichassis synchronization.

Engineers can use the interface's future time events and time stamping capabilities to correlate events distributed across an Ethernet network with greater precision and accuracy than available with previous industry standards. The interface uses RJ-45 Ethernet cabling and can operate as either a master or slave clock module. An onboard FPGA, engineers automatically adjusts the frequency and phase of an onboard IEEE 1588 clock. For instance, adjusting the clock frequency to match other clock frequencies improves skew and adjusting the phase improves edge precision in derived clocks.

The new interface works with all NI application software including the NI LabVIEW graphical development environment using the NI-SYNC driver. It is also capable of synchronizing events with RTSI-capable PCI boards, such as NI data acquisition and modular instrumentation.

The IEEE 1588 PTP, approved in 2002, provides a standard method to synchronize devices on a network with submicrosecond precision. The protocol synchronizes local clocks to a master clock ensuring that events and timestamps in all devices use the same time base. IEEE 1588 is optimized for well-defined distributed systems, minimal use of network bandwidth and low processing overhead. The standard has gained acceptance in the industrial automation market and is now expanding into the test and measurement and communications markets.

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