Intercept Technology(TM) Packaging Serves as Supply Chain Safety Net in Jungle -- Australian Mining Company Utilizes Corrosion Protection for Equipment

Byrnecut Mining of Australia discovers Intercept Technology barrier packaging prevents corrosion in the harshest environments. Bynecut's expertise is in dealing with difficult situations; their breakthrough with Intercept packaging helped them overcome the challenges of equipment protection in conditions where materials decay.

The challenge was to keep their big, heavy equipment from corroding in the jungle. Australian mining company Byrnecut had the experience with first-hand knowledge and the tools necessary to overcome extremes in weather, including remote locations like Burkina Faso, Indonesia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Europe, Africa, and Kazakhstan. Byrnecut logistics managers wisely chose Intercept Technology packaging protection for their heavy equipment, provided by Liberty Packaging Co.'s Intercept Technology Group colleague Under Raps, as their solution.

It is good business to prepare for the worst - most company supply chain management do not have to deal with shipping and storing in a literal jungle, as does Byrnecut, only the figurative one. Once the shipment leaves the company's door, control is limited; stalled customs, unplanned storage, lost products: all are examples of problems which may arise to degrade product life tarnish hard earned brands and even company reputations. Logistics managers do not always know when situations will go awry.

Here are two stories shared by the same electronics equipment manufacturer: "Our Asian sub-assembly contractor bought 18 months supply of sheet metal chassis to gain price points. He did not have sufficient storage space so he rented three old leaky storage trailers. When we learned about this we insisted that all the sheet metal chassis go thought a rigorous inspection process before final assembly and any signs at all of corrosion would result in scrapping the chassis. To all our surprise the boxes were water damaged beyond use but the products and Intercept bag were all usable."

"The second story entails the cancellation with many finished goods 'lost' in our supply chain. We resurrected this product 18 months after cancellation and found 100+ systems in one of our Asian partners' warehouses. The boxes were dirty and beat up. We brought the systems into production for inspection, reconfiguration, and deployment. Not one chassis showed signs of corrosion."

This customer chose Static Intercept for its performance and ease of use and was greatly rewarded for their smart packaging choice: "Intercept product is just a bag - and it does not need to be heat sealed and vacuumed nor does it have a short shelf life - it just works...we wanted a simple solution to rust and corrosive forces. We got it with Intercept and it proved itself time and time again."

In using the Intercept Technology packaging for their equipment, these customers found it paid for itself many times over; a comforting supply chain safety net.

About Liberty Packaging

The Liberty Packaging Co., Inc., is a woman-owned small business based in Massachusetts. Liberty's principle product line is Intercept Technology Packaging for corrosion and static protection. Liberty provides Intercept Technology products to large and small manufacturing operations, as well as packing and crating suppliers, general distributors, medical and special packaging suppliers.

About Under Raps

Under Raps Pty Ltd main office is located at 15 Irvine Drive, Malaga, Western Australia 6090. Under Raps exclusively imports the Corrosion Intercept and Static Intercept ranges of anti-corrosion packaging products into Australia and New Zealand and is highly regarded as a packaging leader within the oil and gas industry in Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.

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