Interactive Donor Recognition Displays Tell the Story

MILWAUKEE, WI, --- Healthcare Institutions, Universities, Zoos and Public Buildings are all well known for the displays of donor names that helped to fund the organization. But what mileage is there in a static name on a wall? At RCB Awards, interactive video displays have been added to these traditional donor recognition walls to allow each donor to tell their story.

According to Curt Denevan, of RCB Awards, donors often like to talk about why they are helping the organization and hope that others will step forward to help meet the goals that are set out. He states, "Everyone likes to tell their story, with this cutting edge donor recognition display, donors can leave a lasting message for all to see". This also allows a hospital to use the Donor Recognition Display as a marketing tool. Bringing a potential donor to the interactive display and asking them to think about telling their story is a huge asset to the organization.

Interactive Donor Recognition Displays

While a list showing a thousand names can be daunting, an interactive display allows a visitor to touch a screen and select a donor. The system then brings up the donor's video and the story is told in the donor's own words. After a visitor is done selecting donor stories, the interactive system reverts to a simple display showing information about the foundation or organization.

The display can also be used to list all donors, identify categories of donors based on type of contribution (endowment, capital campaign, planned giving programs, charitable trusts, or contribution levels).

Interactive donor recognition is the future direction of large scale recognition. By allowing the viewer to see as much or as little information as they wish, the display becomes more interesting to them. No longer will viewers simply walk on by, the interactive display captivates all by telling the donor's story.

For additional information on interactive donor recognition displays, contact Curt Denevan or visit RCB Awards is an award and recognition firm based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin specializing in non-profits and corporate award programs for the last 20 years.

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