Intelligent Server withstands harsh environments.

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Designed to military specifications, 2U Model A+1950 includes Intel's dual core Xeon 5000 and 5100 Series processors, up to 32GB fully buffered DIMM memory, SAS hard drives, and TCPIP Offload Engine option. Unit offers remote monitoring, self-healing capabilities, and hardware redundancy. Industrial-grade steel chassis is combined with high-density stiffeners, embossed mechanical design, heavy-duty front and back bezel, and shock dampening and vibration isolation system.

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Augmentix (TM) Introduces Rugged and Intelligent Server for the Harshest Environments

Besides Its Durability, the A+1950 Offers Unprecedented Remote Monitoring and Self-Healing Capabilities Linked to Its Proprietary Technology

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 8 /-- Augmentix(TM) Corporation, an innovative provider of mission-critical computing solutions for challenging environments, announced today the introduction of the A+1950 a rack-dense 2U server solution which combines rugged construction, superior performance and a patent-pending high availability server management system. Based on a contractual relationship with Dell(R), Augmentix ruggedizes, right sizes and enhances availability on Dell(R)'s industry leading and award winning PowerEdge(R) servers to meet the exacting mission critical needs of military and industrial customers worldwide.

The Augmentix A+1950 was engineered based on input from a cross section of military and homeland security agencies. With military grade specifications and independent testing for vibration, shock, temperature and humidity, the A+1950 is ideally suited to a variety of military applications that are mission critical and/or operate in challenging environmental conditions including command and control, communication network, mission planning, logistics, forward base control, simulation, weapons control systems, and more.

Given the advanced performance platform of the A+1950 which includes Intel's new dual core Xeon "Dempsey" (5000 Series) and "Woodcrest" (5100 Series) processors, up to 32GB of FBD (Fully Buffered DIMM) memory, SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) hard drives and TOE (TCPIP Offload Engine) option, it represents a durable and powerful solution for virtually any industrial computing environment including manufacturing, energy and telecom.

The A+1950's durability lies in its industrial grade, steel chassis, which are combined with integrated hi-density stiffeners, an embossed mechanical design and heavy gauge front and back bezel. The A+1950 also features an enhanced cooling system that supports its operation in extreme thermal conditions; a unique shock dampening and vibration isolation system for key internal components that ensures reliable operation in random vibration and potential "shock" conditions; and a contaminants-filtration system that supports deployment in dirty, dusty and/or desert environments. In addition, Augmentix servers are independently tested to defined Military Standards (MIL STD 810F), further validating published operating specifications.

Another piece of the company's winning formula is the Augmentix Server Availability Management Processor System, or SAMP.

"In a lot of ways, SAMP is a mini-computer that rides shot gun with every server we produce," said Rod Keller, Augmentix president and CEO. "Its presence means our servers enjoy maximum uptime, or availability, for important applications."

Keller added, "Our Military customers, for example, demand maximum availability or uptime in concert with as much compute power as possible often in challenging physical spaces. Downtime in mission critical applications is damaging as loss of computing services has human, performance and/or efficiency implications and costs."

Augmentix has deployed more than 10,000 servers worldwide with the patent- pending technology. The SAMP is the cornerstone of an intelligent server management system that provides a triaged approach ensuring maximum server uptime and application availability in the most challenging conditions. System benefits include:

o Hardware redundancy or fail-over system, which includes user accessible, hot pluggable redundant power supplies, hard disk drives and cooling fans.

o Enhanced hardware and operating system monitoring, reporting and alarming. This means the overall "health" of the system is closely measured and reported. Further, SAMP provides a unique capability in that it can be "customized" to actually tie into the customer's application and provide enhanced autonomous monitoring and "self healing" on pre-programmed elements.

o Access from virtually anywhere the user can obtain an IP address. In the event a remote user wishes access to the A+1950 for scheduled or unscheduled maintenance or to resolve a failure based on notification from the SAMP, then the SAMP works in concert with Dell's DRAC 5, providing IP KVM (Ethernet, Keyboard Video and Mouse) access.

o Lastly, the SAMP is managed by a simple web dashboard that is highly secure and easy to use. Key hardware, operating system and application elements can be monitored, while alerts/alarms can be emphasized. By using a central, intuitive dashboard, this minimizes IT administration time and allows for expeditious overall system management and ultimately application availability.

The A+1950 Server Solution is available today from Augmentix or one of its strategic channel partners. The A+1950 provides the best price performance available today in a rugged, high availability server. For more details on Augmentix A+1950, please visit

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Augmentix ( provides the military, industrial and telecommunication industries with mission-critical solutions for rugged environments. Augmentix servers combine best-in-class technologies and standardized components from industry leader Dell, a patent-pending Augmentix Intelligent Management System and innovative board and packaging designs to create environmentally robust, high availability servers that fit in the most compact spaces and withstand extreme temperatures, contaminants, moisture, shock, vibrations and more. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas and offers global service and support.

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