Integrated Stepper Motor/Drive operates at up to 1,500 rpm.

Press Release Summary:

Model STM23 is size 23 motor and drive, contained in aluminum heatsink housing, with RS232/RS485 interfaces for programming drive using rich instruction set software. Motor operates in closed loop mode and coding can be downloaded to drive or unit can be controlled using commands from attached controller. With supply of 12-80 Vdc and 0.2-5 A peak output current, it is offered in single or double stack versions and can be supplied with encoder fitted to rear shaft.

Original Press Release:

Integrated Stepper Motor with Encoder Outperforms Servo Motors

An integrated stepper motor and drive has been introduced by motion control specialists Astrosyn International Technology. The STM23 can be supplied with an encoder fitted to its rear shaft.

In this arrangement, the motor operates in closed loop mode and can outperform servo motors for speeds up to around 1500 rpm. It also provides better acceleration, especially for short distance applications. The combined unit is more compact than an equivalent servo motor, as well as being considerably less expensive.

Other advantages are long life and high reliability. These benefits combine to make the STM23 an attractive alternative to servo motors in a wide range of applications.

The size 23 motor and drive are contained in a compact aluminum heatsink housing. Designed from the outset as an integrated package, the STM23 reduces cabling requirements and saves space and costs. It also has excellent EMC properties.

The high resolution drive is programmable using rich instruction set software, via built in RS232 and RS485 interfaces. Coding can be downloaded to the drive for standalone operation, or the unit can be controlled using serial commands from an attached PC, PLC or other host controller.

Two versions are available from Astrosyn, with single or double stacks. Power supply is 12-80Vdc and output current 0.2-5A peak.

The STM23 integrated stepper motor with encoder from Astrosyn can outperform servo motors for speeds up to 1500 rpm.

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