Integrated Motor System features 24 V brushless DC motor.

Press Release Summary:

Integrated Motor System incorporates sin/cos optical encoder with 3.2 million counts/rev and 1 electrical cycle every 20 microns. Combination of 82 mm scale diameter with amplifier interpolation settles system resolution at 0-1 encoder counts. Measuring 20 mm dia and 40 mm long, hollow shaft features ABEC7 precision ball bearings and rotates within 0.0001 in. runout and 0.027 ±0.008° wobbling. DC-powered digital servo drive monitors profile position, velocity, acceleration, torque, and homing.

Original Press Release:

Bei Kimco Integrated Motor System-Complete Solution

VISTA, Calif., - September 5, 2008 - The complete integrated motor system incorporates a 24 V brushless DC motor, a high performance sin/cos optical encoder with 3.2 million counts/rev and one electrical cycle every 20 microns (scale pitch).

The combination of 82 mm scale diameter with the amplifiers interpolation settles the system resolution at 0 to 1 encoder counts (0.00011 deg).

The 20 mm diameter hollow shaft, 40 mm long, with ABEC7 high speed precision ball bearings each end, rotates within 0.0001 IN runout and 0.027+-0.008 deg wobbling.

Also the compact DC powered digital servo drive with configuration software monitors profile position, velocity, acceleration, torque and homing.

Please call BEI Kimco at 1-800-572-7560 to find out more details and information.

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Crouzet North America is an operation of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST). Crouzet (pronounced cruise-A) started operations in the US in 1978. A global company of about $180 M, Crouzet , headquarted in France , counts now about 2000 workers in more than 14 countries. Once composed of sub-fractional HP motors, switches (miniature snap-action, digital, and limit), timers and pneumatic control components the product offering was enlarged thanks to two major acquisitions that helped Crouzet to become a major player in the US market for automation and industrial controls:

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