Integrated Motor/ Driver/Encoder operates at 15-48 Vdc.

Press Release Summary:

SilverPak 23DE integrated NEMA 23, 1.8° bipolar step motor, microstepping driver, and encoder suits step motor applications needing high torque. Integrated motor/driver produces up to 294 oz-in. of holding torque. Available phase current ranges from 0.3-3 A peak. It has features such as Pole Damping Technology(TM), under-voltage and over-temperature protection, and 4 selectable damping modes. Encoder options include 32-1250 CPR and Max of 5,000 pps.

Original Press Release:

Lin Engineering- New SilverPak 23DE Integrated Motor, Driver, and Encoder

Lin Engineering, the Step Motor Specialists, are pleased to introduce the new SilverPak 23DE; an integrated Nema 23, High Torque, 1.8° bipolar step motor, microstepping driver and encoder. The SilverPak 23DE is designed to help reduce overall design time and system cost for a wide array of step motor applications needing high torque.

The SilverPak 23DE is 2.25" in width and is offered in three body lengths: 2.52", 2.96" and 3.89". Depending on its stack size, the integrated motor/ driver is capable of producing up to 294 oz-in of holding torque. The SilverPak 23DE operates from 15 VDC to 48 VDC and the available phase current ranges from 0.3 Amps to 3 Amps peak. This integrated motor/driver combination boasts jumper configurable step resolutions ranging from 2x microstepping up to 256X microstepping and 4 selectable damping modes. The unit also features: optically isolated step, direction and disable/enable inputs; as well as under-voltage and over-temperature protection. Pole Damping Technology(TM) (PDT) is yet another feature that the SilverPak 23DE is capable of. Pole Damping Technology enhances step motor performance, thus creating a more accurate and smooth motion profile.

The following features/options are available with the built-in encoder:
o Tracks up to 100,000 cycles/sec
o 32 to 1250 CPR
o Max 5000 pps
o 2 channel quadrature TTL squarewave single ended outputs and optional index (3 rd channel).

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