Integrated Imaging Workstation reduces RSI via ergonomic design.

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Supplied with brackets that support up to 50 lb monitors, Whitestone™ offers electronic adjustment for surface height in sit or stand positions and surface tilt as well as vertical and horizontal adjustment of monitors. Environmental heating and cooling system is controlled at workstation, and wraparound privacy partition reduces extraneous sounds. Other features include ambient LED backlighting with dimmer control, pop-up data port and USB unit, and multi-channel cable management.

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Comfort and the Imaging Workstation

Lessons learned – Features Incorporated.

(College Point, NY)

Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) is an important problem that affects every radiologist, regardless of your level of training, what specialty you're in, your location, and whether you're in academic, hospital or private practice.

Published research, from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, found that the most common musculoskeletal symptoms of RSI included: Neck Pain (42.8%); Lower Back Pain (39.2%); Headache (32.1%); Shoulder Pain (32.1%) and Wrist Pain (7.4%). In fact, 70% of the sample had reported seeing a physician to address these symptoms. At the 2012 RSNA annual meeting, Dr. Eliot Siegel, a diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine professor and vice chairman of informatics at the University of Maryland, stated, “There’s never been a more critical need for improving the ergonomics of the radiology reading room.”

As we approach our 20th year at AFC Industries, Inc., we continue to research and apply our vast knowledge of lessons learned that incorporates the necessary features to produce ergonomically designed imaging workstations that can increase productivity while lessening the effects of Repetitive Stress Injuries.

The Whitestone™ workstation, now available for the first time in neutral gray, truly addresses the need for an integrated workstation with proper adjustable lighting, controlled climate, enhanced acoustics all wrapped up into an ergonomically friendly height adjustable unit.

• Complete electronic adjustment capabilities for surface height in sit or stand positions, surface tilt, and both vertical and horizontal adjustment of monitors.

• Monitor brackets support large monitors weighing up to 50 lbs, responding to a growing interest in larger images.

• Added acoustical properties to our wraparound privacy partition to reduce extraneous sounds and create a quieter environment for concentration.

• Ambient LED backlighting with dimmer control alleviates eye strain and improves the readability of images.

• A pop-up data port and USB unit is built into the work surface for convenient and tidy connection of almost any ancillary digital or electronic device.

• Multi-channel cable management keeps wires neat and unobtrusive and allows for important separation of power and electric wiring.

• An environmental heating and cooling system controlled at the workstation allows for direct regulation of temperature and alleviates heat generated by computer equipment.

The Whitestone™— delivering superior comfort and adaptability to the requirements of different users and the demands of the evolving digital world.


Since 1994, AFC Industries has been an innovator in the field of medical solutions. From ergonomic, high-quality workstations, carts and racks to complete modular storage systems, the company's product line is crafted for the ultimate in safety, adaptability, comfort and functionality. All products are constructed of the highest quality reinforced steel and may be customized to meet a full range of needs. Noted for its high level of customer service, AFC offers complementary room design analysis, three-dimensional designs, furniture customization and ongoing customer support.

The company supplies furniture to a full range of medical facilities, airports, casinos, police, fire and many other emergency and control monitoring stations.

AFC Industries, Inc. is located at 13-16 133 Place, College Point, NY,


For more information e-mail or visit the website at, or our Booth #2107 at the 2013 RSNA conference.

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