Integrated FTIR Analyzer accelerates liquids analysis.

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Hastening analysis of liquids via FTIR spectroscopy, ML with DialPath Technology requires one drop of liquid for analysis and sandwiches sample between 2 windows to create reproducible, fixed sample pathlength. DialPath technology features tumbler-like optical head that can be rotated into position to provide one of 3 factory set, selectable sample pathlengths from 30-250 microns. Accommodating samples with range of viscosities, analyzer does not use traditional demountable liquid cells.

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ML Analyzer with DialPath Technology A Completely New Approach to Liquids Analysis by FTIR Spectroscopy

A2 Technologies announces its new integrated FTIR analyzer designed for the rapid analysis of liquids by FTIR spectroscopy. Based on A2's widely used ML analyzer, the excellent performing FTIR spectrometer that occupies just 8 square inches on a lab bench, the ML with DialPath Technology represents a completely new approach to the analysis of liquid samples.

The DialPath technology features a tumbler-like optical head that can be rotated into position to provide one of three, factory set, selectable sample pathlengths between 30 and 250 microns. To analyze a sample, a drop of the liquid is placed on a stationary infrared-transparent window mounted on the top surface of the analyzer, and then a second window is rotated into position, thus sandwiching the sample between the two windows. This creates highly reproducible, fixed sample pathlength between the two windows. The DialPath technology offers the user their choice of three different pathlengths, which are specified when the system is ordered, affording a FTIR liquids analyzer with exceptional versatility, ease of use and performance in multi-application environments. For lower concentration samples, simply dial in a longer pathlength window set; for samples that are more concentrated, use the shorter pathlength combination.

The DialPath Technology makes liquids analysis as easy to use as ATR. There is no reason to use traditional demountable liquid cells, which can leak, require spacers, may fringe, are difficult to fill and clean, and are particularly difficult to use with more viscous samples. The DialPath-equipped ML readily accommodates samples with a wide range of viscosities. Cleaning the DialPath analyzer is as simple as rotating the window away from the fixed window and wiping the liquid sample off both windows.

Mr. Graham Miller, President of A2 Technologies comments: "The ML with DialPath Technology represents the first breakthrough in liquids analysis by FTIR in a number of years. ATR has become a mainstay for FTIR analysis because of its ease of use and versatility and now this new technology makes longer pathlength liquids analysis just as easy. The ML with DialPath Technology will find great use among analysts who frequently measure liquid samples in industries as varied as petroleum, energy, chemical and food."

For more information on using the DialPath Technology, please visit our website click on ML DialPath Technology or call us for a quotation USA: 203.312.1100 - International +44(0) 7765 970210 or email

About A2 Technologies Headquartered in Danbury, Connecticut, A2 Technologies is specializes in FTIR Technology for lab and field use. A2 Technologies manufactures and develops portable FT-IR spectrometers designed for the analytical needs of the petrochemical, environmental, aerospace, art conservation, academia, geoscience general environments where there is a need for analysis. The portable FT-IR analyzers extend the proven capabilities of Fourier transform infrared technology by rendering sample preparation obsolete and ensuring real time results.

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