Integrated Circuit drives flat panel displays.

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Using HVCMOS technology, HV632 integrates high- and low-voltage circuits on one die. With full integration of low voltage CMOS logic, 32-channel IC supports PWM conversion of 256 levels of gray shading and 32 high-voltage CMOS outputs, each capable of 80 V operation as well as sourcing and sinking 4 mA. Data bus (8-bit) includes balanced shift clock and output and blank functions. Product suits applications requiring data rates to 20 MHz and operating within 12-80 V output range.

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Supertex Expands High Voltage Display Driver Family

HV632 Offers 80V, 32-Channels with 256 Gray-Shades, Using PWM Conversion

SUNNYVALE, Calif. July 1, 2003 - Supertex, Inc. (NASDAQ: SUPX) today announced HV632, a high voltage 80V, 32-channel with 256 gray-shades driver IC designed for driving flat panel displays such as polymer liquid crystal (PLC), vacuum fluorescent (VF), electrofluorescent and field emission displays. It is especially suitable for applications requiring a high data rate up to 20MHz and operating at an output voltage range of 12V to 80V.

Using Supertex proprietary HVCMOS technology, HV632 features full integration of low voltage CMOS logic to support the pulse width modulation (PWM) conversion of 256 levels of gray shading for higher display resolution and 32 high voltage CMOS outputs, each capable of 80V operation as well as sourcing and sinking 4mA. HV632 provides an 8-bit data bus for fast moving display image and for fine 256-level gray-scale resolution of each display pixel. It also features a balanced shift clock that complies with the EIA RS-422 Standard and output and blank functions that provide flexibility in output control.

"HV632 integrates high and low voltage circuits on to one die, giving flat panel display system designers a much needed small form factor for their applications," said Brian Hedayati, Director of Supertex Marketing. "Additionally HV632 reduces overall component count, while saving space, power dissipation, heat generation and cost. The addition of HV632 further expands our product offering of high voltage driver/interface ICs in a market where we've had success over the years."

Samples of HV632PG are available from stock. Lead-time for production quantities is 4 to 6 weeks ARO. Parts are priced at US$16.22 each in 1K quantities.

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