Insurance Software includes billing module.

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Part of VISION 21(TM) property and casualty insurance, billing module features table-driven, object-oriented architecture that includes account bill, user-customizable reports, and flexibility to adjust schedules. When used with AgentXpress web-enabled processing capabilities, program permits agents to view billing status and images of invoices via Internet. With document management system, module can create, print, and mail bill, then produce image of bill for storage and indexing.

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IDP Upgrades VISION 21(TM) With New Billing Module

Account bill, quick schedule adjustments and flexibility are cited as key features

WYNCOTE, Pa.-A new billing module with table-driven, object-oriented architecture and functionality that includes account bill, user-customizable reports and the flexibility necessary to rapidly adjust schedules has been added to IDP's VISION 21(TM) property and casualty integrated insurance system. The new module, which replaces a module that employed more traditional coding methods, is currently being delivered to all existing VISION 21 clients and will come as standard componentry with the lease of VISION 21 to new customers.

According to IDP President & CEO Gary Gilbert, the upgrade meets customer needs for quickly bringing billing plan changes to market. "VISION 21's mission is to empower small and mid-size insurers with processing capabilities normally associated with the far more complex systems in use at much larger organizations," Gilbert says. "Our new billing module was designed in direct support of this mission. The module's object-oriented techniques and its heavy reliance on tables enable users to more quickly make changes to their billing options and to bring them to market faster."

The new module's launch comes after more than a year of design work and beta testing at six p&c insurance companies. "Our intent was to deliver a mature product to our customer base," Gilbert says. "We achieved this through a comprehensive program of field testing."

The VISION 21 billing module has the flexibility to rapidly change or add pay plans, installment fees and reinstatement fees, and to implement options such as intent to cancel and supplemental billing. Schedules and next actions can be manually adjusted by way of the system's override capability. For example, a user can replace a cancel notice with a bill, with no need for outside programming support.

Noteworthy features include more detailed reports, such as those that can list policies that have been cancelled, and account bill, a process that issues a single bill to insureds who have more than one policy.

Additional options are available with the use of companion programs:

o When used in conjunction with IDP's AgentXpress suite of web-enabled processing capabilities, VISION 21 can permit agents to view billing status and images of invoices via the Internet in real time.

o When used in conjunction with a document management system, the VISION 21 billing module can create, print and mail a bill, and then produce an image of that bill for storage and indexing by a third party.

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Founded in 1949, IDP is among the most experienced property and casualty management system companies in the U.S. IDP launched its first electronics-based insurance products and services in 1963, accounting for over 40 years experience with high-tech insurance management. The company is headquartered in Wyncote, Pa., with a branch office in Solon, Ohio. Mission priorities include timely responsiveness to customer needs and creative problem solving. Software products range from policy rating and issuance, claims administration and accounting, to regulatory compliance and bureau reporting and submission. IDP lays claim to an extraordinary skill level for consulting on both insurance business and technical matters. The organization's management team combines depth of experience with multi-discipline expertise.

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