Installation of Hollaender's® Speed-Rail® Handrail System Allows Public Access to Philadelphia Navy Yard

CINCINNATI, OH — More than 3,500 linear feet of aluminum railing was recently installed at the Philadelphia Naval Yard that runs along the historic Delaware River in Philadelphia, PA.  The handrail system was constructed using Speed-Rail fittings and aluminum pipe from Hollaender Manufacturing.  The new weather resistant handrail system is being used as guard rail along a section of the river that runs through the yard.  Previously, a portion of the yard had been inaccessible to the public due in part, to the lack of an acceptable handrail system along the river. 

Simone Collins Landscape Architecture of Norristown, PA, designed the park, and needed a railing that would meet all building codes for public access and be durable enough to withstand the harsh elements common to the Northeast.  The Speed-Rail based system met both of these requirements.  It was built with an aluminum railing frame and 2" x 2" square wire mesh infill panels.  The infill panels are electro-coated and powder coated to protect against corrosion and weather.  Peter Simone of Simone Collins has said that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Navy Yard, the landscape architect, and general public are all very satisfied with the aesthetics and durability of the Speed-Rail system. 

Speed-Rail is a line of structural slip-on pipe fittings that are used with aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel and black iron pipe to construct handrail, safety rail and guardrail, as well as a wide variety of unique modular pipe and fitting based structures.

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Hollaender is a manufacturer and marketer of aluminum structural pipe fittings, aluminum pipe, and infill panels, as well as final assemblies that use these components. These components are used in the design and build of handrail, guardrail and safety rail systems as well as a wide variety of unique modular pipe and fitting based structures for commercial, residential, public works and industrial applications, as well for retail store fixtures and other structural applications. These components and systems are marketed under the trademarked brands Speed-Rail® and Interna-Rail®. Hollaender also offers consultation, design, and project management services. 

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