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MicroGraph and SawInspect crimp quality assurance systems are available with Standard or Automatic versions of CrimpLab 2 multilingual crimp cross section measurement and analysis software. In addition to offering reporting functions and ability to measure all key dimension requirements according to VW 60330 standard, software lets users predefine measurement requirements for individual jobs. Automatic version offers fully automatic cross section analysis in seconds.

Original Press Release:

CrimpLab 2 - Crimp Cross Section Measurement and Analysis Software

The well-known CrimpLab 1 crimp cross section measurement and analysis software for Schleuniger MicroGraph and SawInspect Systems has been improved and taken to the next Level with CrimpLab 2. Two different versions of the new software are available, CrimpLab 2 Standard and CrimpLab 2 Automatic. All Schleuniger MicroGraph and SawInspect crimp quality assurance systems now come equipped with CrimpLab 2 Standard software. CrimpLab 2 looks quite different than the first generation and has been updated with many new features in order to better meet user requirements:

Job management to predefine measurement requirements for individual jobs

User management with language selection from a variety of languages for worldwide use

Fully automatic cross section analysis in seconds with CrimpLab 2 Automatic software (optional)

Added reporting functions

and many more

With CrimpLab 2 software all key dimension requirements according to the VW 60330 standard can be measured, including critical heights, widths and angles. Additionally, strands can be counted, crimp compression and crimp symmetry can be determined, and physical measurement data can be imported from crimp height measurement devices. Users can also analyse other aspects of processed wire ends such as strip quality and wire position in the crimp.

CrimpLab 2 Automatic software features an automatic contour recognition function allowing users to measure all cross section dimensions of standard B-crimps automatically with just a few clicks. Automatic measurements can be taken in a fraction of the time required with manual measurements, therefore efficiency is significantly increased with CrimpLab 2 Automatic software.

Schleuniger’s new CrimpLab 2 analysis software makes crimp cross section analysis simple, fast and traceable.

More information about this new product can be found at Should you have any questions, please e-mail or call (603) 668-8117.

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