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Inspection Camera surveys underground infrastructures.

Press Release Summary:

With 216:1 zoom, onscreen distance measurement, and HID lamps, QuickView captures video as far as 250 ft down 8-60 in. diameter lines. Designed to evaluate pipelines, manholes, and tanks from street level, QuickView calculates distance based on camera's focus and zoom settings, achieving accuracy of ±10% over range of 20-160 ft. Targeting fixture, consisting of height-adjustable, spring-dampened leg with spherical foot, helps maintain stability and centerline view.

Original Press Release:

Envirosight Announces Enhancements to QuickView Zoom Inspection Camera

Patented QuickView Zoom Inspection Camera Now Measures Distance, Achieves Greater Stability with Carbon Fiber Pole and Targeting Device.

Randolph, New Jersey-June 1, 2006 - Sewer-zooming pioneer Envirosight has announced new enhancements to its QuickView zoom inspection camera, which allows an operator to measure distance and view far-away objects with greater stability. Both features extend the QuickView's inspection capabilities, making it the ideal tool for rapid, cost-effective surveying of underground infrastructure.

Distance Measurement.
QuickView now measures the distance to in-focus targets and displays the reading onscreen. An operator simply finds an object, focuses on it, and presses the 'measure' button on the controls. This new feature is ideal for correlating taps to residences, troubleshooting backups, and identifying the location of problems such as offsets, root balls, and debris.

"Increasingly, QuickView users have asked for a way to gauge the approximate distance to what they're viewing onscreen", said Richard Lindner, President of Envirosight. "Counting pipe joints has never been reliable, and it distracts from the task of visual inspection. Our new distance measurement feature is an easy, dependable, cost-effective way to determine the basic location of features within a pipe."

QuickView calculates distance based on the camera's focus and zoom settings, achieving accuracy of ±10% over a range of 20-160' (6.1-48.8 m). The measurement appears onscreen as a distance range which takes this accuracy into account. Readings can be configured for standard or metric units.

Distance measurement ships standard on every new QuickView, and is available as an upgrade for existing systems that have joystick controls.

Targeting Fixture.
QuickView's new targeting fixture helps maintain stability and a centerline view, both of which are essential for inspecting and measuring distance to far-away targets. The fixture consists of a height-adjustable, spring-dampened leg with a spherical foot.

The leg has gradations that correspond to common pipe diameters. An operator simply slides the leg until the graduation matching the diameter of the pipe aligns with the hand screw, which is then tightened to lock the leg in position. Doing so aligns the camera view with the pipe centerline, ensuring even illumination and a uniform view of sidewall detail.

A spring in the leg allows an operator to make fine adjustments to camera height by pushing down on the QuickView pole. The spring also dampens movement and vibration, improving the stability of inspection video.

The QuickView rests on a spherical rubber foot at the base of the leg. The foot grips common pipe materials and prevents drifting and sliding in sediment.

"Zooming demands accurate, stable positioning of the camera, or else you just don't get the results you need," said Lindner. "Our patented fixture makes obtaining a centerline view quick and easy, regardless of pipe size or condition."

The new targeting fixture ships as standard equipment on every new QuickView, and is available as an upgrade accessory to older models.

Carbon Fiber Pole.
QuickView is now available with an optional carbon-fiber pole whose lightweight design and extreme rigidity make inspecting easier and more accurate. The longest model barely flexes at full extension, virtually eliminating camera wobble and deflection. The same model weighs less than four pounds, making the entire QuickView more maneuverable. The multi-segment design of these poles allows a smaller collapsed size, one model even fitting into the trunk of a car when collapsed.

The carbon fiber pole comes in three model lengths. The 16' model collapses to 60" and weighs 3.4 lb. The 24' model collapses to 81" and weighs 3.8 lb. The 30' model collapses to 84" and weighs 4.0 lb. All are built of strong, lightweight carbon-fiber tubes with locking clamps of machined aluminum.

"A carbon-fiber pole is a must-have accessory for serious zoomers," said Lindner. "QuickView is all about rapid, accurate, portable inspection capability, and these new poles bring that philosophy to the next level."

Carbon fiber poles are available as accessories for both new and existing QuickView systems.

About QuickView. The QuickView zoom inspection camera evaluates pipelines, manholes and tanks from street level with the patented QuickView zoom inspection camera. Contractors use it to survey pipe condition before bidding services, and to document completed work. Municipalities use it to identify and prioritize maintenance issues, avoid confined-space entry, and inspect hard-to-reach infrastructure. Departments of transportation use it to assess culvert and storm pipe condition with minimal exposure to traffic. With 216:1 zoom, onscreen distance measurement and HID lamps, QuickView captures video as far as 250' down lines 8-60" diameter. The QuickView name and logo are trademarks of Envirosight, LLC. QuickView carries patents 6,538,732 and 7,009,698.

About Envirosight, LLC. Randolph, New Jersey-based Envirosight, LLC provides video pipeline inspection solutions to municipalities, contractors, departments of transportation, and civil/environmental engineers. Envirosight is committed to ongoing innovation, delivering products that enhance user productivity and inspection detail. Envirosight serves customers through a trained network of regional sales partners who deliver localized support and expertise with rapid turnaround. All Envirosight technical employees hold NASSCO PACP certification. Visit Envirosight online at

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