Insight Automation Awarded Contract with Northrop Grumman for ConveyTrax® CRSC Speed Control Modules at USPS

Northrop Grumman has awarded Insight Automation a contract to supply their innovative ConveyTrax CRSC controller modules for Motorized Drive Roller Conveyors to be used on the Flats Sequencing Systems (FSS) conveyors and staging systems. The USPS contract for FSS is valued at over $870 million for 100 systems to sort flats mail such as magazines, catalogs and large envelopes. Installation of the FSS productions units will begin in early 2008 with completion in 2010.

ConveyTrax®, Modular Networked Control products for 24volt zoned accumulation conveyor equipment is an advanced technology conveyor control system and is the world's ONLY No Programming conveyor control system. The feature packed architecture significantly reduces hardware and installation costs and significantly improves system implementation time. NEW ConveyTrax CRSC provides control of any brand of motorized drive roller currently on the market. With simple mouse clicks on menu commands, the module is configured to control any brand of motor: standard, high torque, or brake motor. Control motor speed, acceleration, deceleration and monitor current draw, actual speed, thermal protection and performance, of all motors all from a single point.

ConveyTrax offers true Plug & Play functionality for 24 volt zoned roller conveyor and consists of a series of 4 zone electronic motor commutation modules with built in digital I/O mounted along the conveyor to integrate all sensors and power train components. Functions of product transportation, merging, diverting, and Information Tracking are built in. Programming is NOT required for control functions for various devices such as: transfers, diverters, pushers, pullers etc. Configuration of the control modules is performed using the RollOn intuitive set-up software. While ConveyTrax integrates easily with other control systems via CanOpen or Ethernet, PLCs or PCs are not required for operation of the conveyor.

Founded in 1999, Insight Automation Inc. is the industry leader in innovative control solutions and offers a wide range of unique modular control solutions for conveyor systems, such as ConveyNet® and ConveySort(TM). NOW with the introduction of ConveyTrax CRSC a new level of flexibility is being brought to the conveyor controls market.

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