Insert-Grippers are tailored to shape of handled material.

Press Release Summary:

Available in vacuum- and air-powered models, Customized Insert-Grippers are designed specifically for handling inserts in plastic injection-molded parts. Housing materials include high-strength aluminum compound or polyamide-based plastic, which is safe for use with food products. With quick-action couplings, gripper heads can be replaced without dismantling gripper system.

Original Press Release:

FIPA Presents: Customized Insert-Grippers

New product handles work pieces securely with fast clock cycles.

CARY, North Carolina - FIPA today announced the newest addition to its End-of-Arm Tooling (EOAT) line: The Customized Insert-Grippers, designed specifically for handling inserts in plastic injectionmoulded parts. The compact, completely customizable design and simple gripper integration make this product the perfect fit for industries ranging from automotive and pharmaceuticals to electronics.

With this release, Germany-based FIPA Inc. now offers a solution that is affordable for the smallest of batch sizes or even single-piece runs. The user can choose between vacuum- and air-powered grippers and integrate the product with existing equipment.

Gripper Details

FIPA's Customized Insert-Gripper is designed to handle inserts more securely than ever, guaranteeing optimal process security - even at high cycle times. To achieve this unique combination of benefits, the gripper is tailored specifically to the precise geometric shape of the material handled. Both vacuum- and air-powered
versions are available.

Housing materials offered include a high-strength aluminum compound or a polyamide-based highperformance plastic. These plastics are not only safe for use with food products, but also very light, making them ideal for high dynamic loads. Another advantage: Vacuum and pressure ports can be integrated into the grippers, which helps minimize the hose connection effort and space requirements.

Application Example

With the FIPA Customized Insert-Grippers, vacuum is used to securely hold nuts or threaded connectors on the face side of the product, where the use of an internal/external gripper would not be possible. Here, the suction surface corresponds to the negative profile of the work piece. On the other side, the air-powered gripper securely grips threaded bushings from inside and inserts into an injection-molded tool.

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FIPA Customized Insert-Grippers at a Glance:

· Precise adjustment to component's specifications: Secure handling at high cycle times.

· Media selection: Highly flexible applications due to choice of air- or vacuum- power.

· Flexible material selection: High-strength aluminum alloy or high-performance plastic designed for use with food products.

· Easy integration into gripper systems: Insert-grippers are compatible with FIPA's modular system, as well as similar third-party systems.

· Economic production: Can be deployed swiftly and efficiently - even with batch sizes as small as one.

· Quick exchange: With quick-action couplings, gripper heads can be replaced without dismantling the gripper system.

About FIPA

FIPA Inc. was founded in 2006 as a fully owned subsidiary of FIPA GmbH. FIPA GmbH is an international company in the fields of vacuum technology and gripper systems, specializing in the development and distribution of quality products and innovative system solutions for material flow. Founded in 1985, FIPA GmbH's headquarters is in Ismaning (Munich), Germany. The company has registered continuous growth over the years. For comprehensive information and the latest news, please visit

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