Inpro's Revolutionary New Flexible Vinyl Promotes Bio-Based Technology for Building Interiors

- Material has earned USDA seal for high bio-content

MILWAUKEE, WI - For years, designers have avoided flexible vinyl products over concerns about phthalates, the chemical plasticizers that make such products soft and easily moldable.

InPro's IPC Door and Wall Protection division will now market flexible corner guards and bumpers made from a new phthalate-free, flexible vinyl developed in partnership with its base vinyl supplier, Georgia Gulf.

The new flex vinyl also means a healthier planet since the formula has received a USDA BioPreferred® certification as it contains more than 25 percent renewable resources versus plastic alternatives derived from fossil fuels. The USDA program seeks to increase the purchase and use of bio-based products. (

InPro leads its industry in producing biopolymer interior protection products. Launched in March 2010, InPro's G2 Blend® products were the first to combine PETG with biopolymer. InPro is also introducing a new rigid vinyl compound as a part of a broader sustainability initiative, which focuses on the replacement of heavy metal stabilization by using an organic-based stabilizer package. The new family of organic-based compounds offers excellent physical properties that are critical to product performance.

"Since 2001, we've been the pioneer in our industry by engaging in rigorous R&D and testing of alternative materials," said Glenn Kennedy, COO of InPro. "The market demands that companies like ours to innovate, and move building products beyond just protecting against relentless damage to also safeguard the health of buildings and the people in them. We keep pushing the science so we don't ever compromise our customers "choices in materials."

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InPro Corporation, headquartered in Muskego, Wis., is the nation's premier manufacturer of door and wall protection, washroom systems and commercial surfaces, expansion joint systems, cubicle track & privacy curtains and signage. Since 1979, InPro has been making and servicing products with a paranoid commitment to protecting the safety, healthiness, and appearance of buildings. For more information on InPro Corporation, visit, or call 800-222-5556.

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IPC Door and Wall Protection, a division of InPro Corporation, manufactures products that protect building interiors from relentless damage without compromising choices

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