Inovonics Partners with Radius Security to Provide Integrated Video Security Systems for Remote Industrial Locations

Customized security solutions provide around-the-clock monitoring and real-time notification

LOUISVILLE, Colo., Nov. 7, 2011 - Inovonics (, the industry leader in high-performance wireless sensor networks for commercial and life safety applications, today announced a partnership with Radius Security (, a manufacturer and integrator of high performance industrial grade IP video and audio systems. Recently, Radius Security leveraged the technology of Inovonics sensors for a solar-powered video security system that monitors a cement manufacturing facility at a remote location.

"We do a lot of specialty video projects that require solar power and cellular communications, which differentiates us from other integrators," said Jeff Sandine, sales manager at Radius Security. "Many of our customers have remote locations that lack power or internet access. Inovonics technology is unique because it is easily integrated with other solutions, like LED lighting systems and motion detectors, and can reliably operate in secluded, industrial locations. Best of all, its wireless sensor networks are proven to be reliable during instances when there is a legitimate security breech where timely notification is essential to saving a lot of money in stolen or damaged equipment."

For this project, Radius Security used a solar power plant to power megapixel IP cameras, LED white lighting, strobe lights, amplifier, loudspeakers and cellular communications. In order to enable after-hours security it enlisted Optex's outdoor motion detectors which are powered by Inovonics 900 MHz wireless EchoStream technology. If an unauthorized party enters the site, Inovonics sensors will send a signal that activates LED white lighting system and initiates a loud recorded message to ward off potential intruders. A snapshot also is taken by the cameras and emailed directly to a designated list, designed by the customer. Should an intrusion occur, appropriate parties will receive immediate notification that they can access right from their home computer or smart phone. Additionally, a security monitoring company immediately is notified and can determine if the threat requires police action. The video security system is installed on a central tower at the cement facility that allows cameras to achieve a 360 degree view of the site.

"By partnering with Radius Security we can apply our wireless technology to some unique and intricate security applications," explained Mark Jarman, president of Inovonics. "Radius Security is known for offering high performance video security services to customers who want a system that will monitor their remote location facility at all times. Our wireless technology that is integrated within the Radius Security solution ensures real-time monitoring and notification that is unmatched in the security industry."

Inovonics' EchoStream technology features a full range of security end-points for burglary, intrusion monitoring and duress situations. It also features a hand-held survey kit to measure radio signal strength for easy, quick and accurate installations. EchoStream is the third generation radio platform from Inovonics and is the result of decades of experience developing wireless security applications for commercial customers. It delivers outstanding reliability, range and battery life that meets the security industry's needs today and well into the future because of its flexibility and network capabilities.

About Radius Security

Based in Vancouver, Wash., Radius Security delivers high performance IP video and audio systems to end users and resellers throughout North America. Offering an in depth knowledge of IP video, IT infrastructure, wireless networks, cellular communications and remote power systems, Radius Security integrates cameras into systems for industrial control, production efficiency, facilities security and surveillance. Radius Security can help with all aspects of installing, commissioning and maintaining video systems including setting up cameras, video management software, routers, servers, wireless networks, accessories, maintenance and upgrades. For more information visit Radius Security's website at: (

About Inovonics Wireless Corporation

Inovonics is the industry leader in high-performance wireless sensor networks for commercial and life safety applications. Founded in 1986, the company pioneered the use of 900 MHz wireless technology to deliver the most reliable, cost-effective and flexible solutions for critical wireless applications. A leader in security and senior care markets, and the standard for multi-family submetering solutions, the Inovonics family of transmitters, receivers and control modules provides the wireless backbone for many of the world's most widely used wireless systems. Renowned for exceptional performance and reliability, more than 6.5 million Inovonics wireless systems have been deployed in the most challenging of commercial environments, where structural limitations and multiple wireless networks can prove disruptive to lower quality systems. Working with leading OEMs and service provider partners, Inovonics provides network design and system engineering support to continuously advance the use of wireless technologies for corporate, industrial, government and educational applications. For more information contact Inovonics at (, or call 800-782-2709.


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