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Hoffmann + Krippner participates at ELECTRONICS WEST 2009 in Anaheim, CA

HOFFMANN + KRIPPNER to Showcase Sensofoil ® Membrane Potentiometer and Unveil Input Device of the Future

PEACHTREE CITY, GA - JANUARY 6, 2009 - German headquartered Hoffmann + Krippner, a leader in customer-specific input systems will showcase its Sensofoil© membrane potentiometer and unveil its innovate capacitive keyboard to the US market at the Electronics West 2009 tradeshow in Anaheim, CA, February 10 -12, 2009.

"We are particularly looking forward to participating in the upcoming 'Electronics West 2009' show as this is the West coast's premiere event for companies seeking exceptional solutions for their electronics' needs," says Hoffmann + Krippner's President, Guido Woska.

The company's Sensofoil® potentiometer technology includes various field applications and exemplary utilizations in array of industries:

o Automotive: Sensofoil® can control and are not exclusively limited to the convertible hood or the electrical seat adjustment.
o Medical: Used in life-saving systems and technologies. Sensofoil® is used as input system (an alternative to knobs) or also to determine accurate values (i.e. within pumps or in operating tables).
o Aviation: Sensofoil® can be used to determine the position of movable business and first class seats (memory function) and is the perfect solution for input systems such as seat control units.

Not exclusively limited to the aforementioned industries, Hoffmann + Krippner's Sensofoil® technology is also utilized in door systems, portable devices, robotic systems, as well in the food processing industry.

"By introducing its Sensofoil® membrane potentiometer line at this event, Hoffmann + Krippner Inc. brings the world`s most reliable ultra-flat membrane potentiometer to the attention of the public," said Woska.

Woska added, "This product line features a technology and quality level unmatched by competitors and enables customers to replace conventional linear or rotary potentiometer with Sensofoil® membrane potentiometer, which reduce the installation space, are completely waterproof and offer attractive cost-saving options if compared to mechanical potentiometers."

In addition to its Sensofoil® membrane potentiometer, Hoffmann + Krippner Inc will unveil what is considered as the future of input devices, the capacitive keyboard.

The technology behind the capacitive keyboard allows for flat designs and is applicable behind glass, plastic or other insulating surfaces; the creative concept behind the technology also provides protection to the system which is resistant to acids, dirt, and other contaminants.

"We are excited to be able to meet professionals, engineers and executives alike, who look for customized control units but without compromising on quality or innovativeness," said Woska.

The Electronics West 2009 tradeshow will be hosted at the Anaheim Convention Center located at 800 W. Katella Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92802. For additional information visit:



Hoffmann + Krippner is headquartered in Germany and has offices around the world including the United States. The company has a work force of over 200 and develops and produces innovative input solutions for customers in the most diverse sectors, ranging from the electronics industry, medical technology, engineering and aviation to military technology. Hoffmann + Krippner, a pioneer in membrane keyboard technology and is a European market leader in complex input systems. Innovation and high quality have formed the basic philosophy since the company was established in 1972. As a medium-sized and family-owned second-generation-company, the production exclusively takes place in Germany. Innovative product development and the extensive know-how of the employees allow them to develop and produce comprehensive input device systems, including housing, electronics and software for a wide range of clients. The company strengths benefit customers through a broad range of innovative top-level engineering. A long-standing expertise as a leading manufacturer of customized input devices and keyboards in Europe results in high-quality solutions for customers, world-wide.

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