Inline Power Meter gathers intelligence from basic PDUs.

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With built-in monitoring, security, and networking, Dominion® PX-3000 Series lets data centers add power, energy, and rack environment data collection capabilities to stand-alone IT equipment or racks containing basic rack PDUs. Series provides strip-level metering and environmental monitoring and is also intended to power stand-alone equipment with dedicated circuits. Real-time information can be seen with local display at rack as well as from remote GUI via Web browser.

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Raritan Introduces Intelligent Inline-Meter Rack PDUs to Gather Power Information on Data Center IT Equipment Connected to 'Not-So-Smart' PDUs

-- Raritan offers largest portfolio of Intelligent PDUs, including single-phase, three-phase, inline metered, metered, and switched offerings --

SOMERSET, N.J. (October 26, 2009) -- Raritan today introduced a new family of smart inline power meters to its intelligent rack power distribution and energy management portfolio. The new Dominion® PX-3000 Series is targeted at data centers that want to easily add power, energy, and rack environment data collection capabilities to stand-alone IT equipment or racks containing basic rack power distribution units (PDUs).

The four new Dominion PX-3000 inline power meters, as well as all of Raritan's intelligent rack PDUs, come with built-in monitoring, security and networking capabilities. The PX-3000 inline power meters are designed to be used in conjunction with dumb rack PDUs to provide comprehensive strip-level metering and easily deployed environmental monitoring. The PX-3000 Series also is intended to power stand-alone equipment with dedicated circuits, such as large network switches, storage arrays, and mainframe computers.

The Dominion PX-3000 gathers extensive power information, including data on voltage, current, power factor, apparent power (kVA), active power (Watts), and kilowatts per hour (kwh) energy consumption. It also provides room temperature and humidity information through optional plug-in sensors. To make it easy for data center operators to view power activity, real-time information can be seen with a local display at the rack and from a remote graphical user interface (GUI) via a web browser. The PX-3000 Series is also fully compatible with Raritan's Power IQ(TM) energy management software for analyzing power usage and tracking trends.

"The Dominion PX-3000 power meters are ideal where dumb rack power strips have been used in the past, and now IT and facilities managers need to collect accurate power data to manage data centers for optimal efficiency and uptime," said Naim Malik, Senior Product Manager at Raritan. "Our inline power meters also provide industry-leading power measurement accuracy of +/- 1%. A large European customer ordered our solution on the basis of this accuracy, so that they can bill-back energy costs to internal clients."

Dominion PX-3000 intelligent inline power meters also enable:
  • Increasing uptime through power metering and standards-based threshold/alerting for notifications prior to branch circuit breakers failing.
  • Driving data center efficiency behavior by collecting energy consumption (kwh) data for internal or customer bill back.
  • Improving power utilization by metering to identify additional power capacity (find stranded power) and maximize utilization of existing sites, delaying large capital expenditures for new sites.

    Raritan's intelligent power meters uniquely provide real-time information to help make data center decisions, such as where servers should be placed for optimal efficiency. If power or environmental user-defined thresholds are exceeded, PX-3000 sends email-based alerts in addition to SNMP Traps. It supports SNMP v2 and v3 GETS to gather power information. The PX-3000 PDUs operate between 100 and 240V AC, and have a 1U form factor for mounting at the bottom or top back of racks. Units are available to handle 2 or 4 circuits in a rack.

    Combining PX-3000 inline power meters with Raritan's Power IQ(TM) energy management software provides data center managers a complete solution that helps analyze the volumes of device-level power data collected by Raritan and third-party PDUs. The award-winning analytics software tracks power consumption and generates an array of useful energy reports. The information can be used for 'what if' analysis, to track energy consumption changes, find rack capacity, calculate carbon footprint, and bill back energy costs to internal departments or customers. A free trial version of Raritan's Power IQ software is available at
    Raritan's intelligent rack PDU portfolio is one of the largest in the industry and includes single-phase, three-phase, outlet-metered, outlet-switched, and now inline power meters to meet the needs of diverse IT environments -- from server rooms with legacy equipment to high-density collocations equipped with high power blade servers. The PX-3000 Series and the rest of the Raritan intelligent rack PDUs are available worldwide from Raritan's channel partners. More information on Raritan's power solutions can be found at

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    Raritan is a proven innovator of power management, infrastructure management, KVM and serial solutions for data centers of all sizes. In more than 50,000 locations worldwide, Raritan's award-winning hardware and software solutions -- including intelligent PDUs, energy management software, KVM-over-IP and Serial-over-IP access products -- provide IT and facility directors, managers and administrators with the control they need to increase power management efficiency, improve data center productivity and enhance branch office operations. Based in Somerset, N.J., Raritan has offices worldwide serving 76 countries. For more information, visit
    Raritan is an active member of the Green Grid, Climate Savers Computing Initiative, and the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design associations. The company was recently recognized by the EPA for its contribution to the agency's data center initiative.

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