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Inkjet Printing System prints marks on non-porous products.

Press Release Summary:

Using shared-wall piezo technology, PZ Pilot enables users to print up to 4 lines of text on all types of PVC. With 128 addressable jets per printhead and 180 dpi print resolution, unit produces sharp text, scannable bar codes, and clean logos and graphics. Input device with resident software provides message programming and retrieval for up to 128 different messages and saves each message for printing on demand. PZ PILOT is splash-proof and resistant to dust.

Original Press Release:

Squid Ink Introduces the New PZ Pilot PVC Printing System

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Squid Ink Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer of superior quality inks and ink jet printing equipment, introduces the PZ Pilot hi-resolution InkJet printing system. The PZ Pilot is an affordable new solution for printing high quality marks on non-porous products such as PVC.

Squid Ink's innovative PZ Pilot offers an alternative for small character product marking applications. PZ Pilot users can print up to four lines of text on all types of PVC. No matter what product needs to be printed, PZ Pilot has the functionality to get the job done right.

Using industry proven shared-wall piezo technology, the Pilot offers better print quality than competitive dot-matrix CIJ (continuous InkJet) or hi-resolution printing systems. With 128 addressable jets per printhead, PZ Pilot boasts 180 dpi print resolution. The result is a system that produces razor-sharp text, scannable bar codes, and the cleanest logos and graphics of any industrial ink-jet printing system on the market.

PZ Pilot is designed to work as an integral part of users' day-to-day packaging operation. A state-of-the-art input device provides quick and easy message programming and retrieval for up to 128 different messages. Resident software in the input device walks the user through a series of prompts to program and save each message for printing on demand.

The PZ Pilot is engineered inside and out for industrial strength operation. Heavy-duty cabinetry and printhead bracketry ensure continuous operation in the most abusive industrial environments. Gasket seals and protected data connections make the PZ PILOT splash-proof and resistant to dust. In addition, the PZ Pilot was designed as a modular system. Quick and easy-to-install replacement printheads, circuit boards and ink system modules minimize downtime and eliminate service calls. A fix can be completed in less than 5 minutes.

For users who have wanted to begin coding their products or expand their operation, but felt their budget restricted them from doing so, the PZ Pilot offers a new level of economy. As the newest addition to Squid Ink's family of marking and coding systems, the PZ Pilot makes industrial InkJet printing totally accessible for a broader range of applications. PZ Pilot also utilizes ink manufactured directly by Squid Ink. This eliminates multiple layers of distribution currently associated with product marking and saves money.

The PZ Pilot is available now through Squid Ink's worldwide network of sales representatives and resellers. Sales inquiries should be directed to the Marketing Coordinator, Squid Ink Corporation, 1173 Osborne Road, Spring Lake Park, MN 55432. 1-800-877-5658

Squid Ink specializes in the manufacture of superior quality inks and ink jet printing equipment for the packaging and product marking industry. Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, Squid Ink also has manufacturing and product development facilities in Anaheim, CA and Arlington, TX.

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