Ink Jet System prints pigmented inks on dark surfaces.

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LINX 6800 Spectrum features icon-based user interface, VGA screen for viewing in all lighting conditions, and power-down switch that automatically turns off power when cleaning and shutdown routines are completed. IP65-rated stainless steel enclosure withstands harsh environments and FDA washdowns. Ink tank and circulation systems provide consistent pigment dispersal, which prevents clogging. System can be shut down for up to 4 weeks, then started up again without maintenance.

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New from Diagraph®; Advanced Ink Jet System for Pigmented Ink Applications

St. Louis, MO...Diagraph announces the LINX 6800 Spectrum, a new small character continuous ink jet system developed especially for printing pigmented inks on dark surfaces such as cable, extrusions, food and beverage closures, industrial/electrical parts, and rubber and polyethylene components. Available immediately, it offers customers the same user-friendly features and production line reliability as the Linx 6800, which was introduced in 2001.

Like the general purpose LINX 6800, the Spectrum incorporates many advanced features: an icon-based user interface for fast printing set-ups; a VGA screen for easy viewing in all lighting conditions; easy-to-use "hot keys" and screen icons that allow operators to select messages quickly; a power-down switch that automatically turns off the power when cleaning and shutdown routines are completed; integral printhead sensors that optimize printing precision and reliability; powerful control software that delivers maximum print speed, print quality, and number of print lines; an IP65-rated stainless steel printer enclosure that withstands harsh environments and daily FDA washdowns; and built-in connectivity for easy integration with PCs and production controls.

Initially, two pigmented inks are available for use with the Linx 6800 Spectrum. Linx White pigmented ink, which offers excellent opacity, fast drying, and adherence to a wide range of substrates, is recommended for most applications. For printing on rubber and polyethylene, Linx Brilliant White ink is recommended because of its superior opacity and adherence properties with these substrates.

For extra productivity and economy, the Linx 6800 Spectrum is the only pigmented ink printer on the market that offers simple start-up and shut-down procedures. The system can be shut down for up to four weeks, then started up again without any maintenance. Smart software, which automatically calculates the duration of each shut down, always adjusts ink circulation when the unit is turned on. And the auto power-off feature means the Spectrum is always primed for an efficient start-up.

The Linx Spectrum is designed for low maintenance. It does not require flushing before or after extended shut-downs, which minimizes downtime and material waste. And its innovative ink tank and circulation systems provide consistent pigment dispersal, which prevents clogging problems.

Unlike many other pigmented ink printers, the Linx 6800 Spectrum does not rely on mechanical stirrers or constant power usage to control ink buildup and reduce the chance of mechanical failure. Instead, a dedicated pump is used to ensure ink consistency over a longer working life, a feature that also generates more economy.

With the inherent simplicity and reliability of Linx 6800 design, Spectrum pigmented printers offer extended scheduled maintenance intervals, which further reduces operating costs. With IP65 stainless steel enclosures, Spectrum printers are well protected from dust and water. And with their built-in connectivity, Linx 6800 Spectrum systems fit in seamlessly on any production line.

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