Ink-Jet Printer monitors and self-adjusts parameters.

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With IP55 rating, LINX 4900 Small Character Continuous Ink Jet Printer utilizes sealed printhead, designed for 2-line printing, which uses intelligent jet control system for maintaining print quality. Printhead temperature, time of flight, and ink pressure are managed by printer and displayed via clear, on-screen diagnostics. Stainless steel cover has no dirt traps and repels liquid, and autoflush of printer and conduit occurs at shutdown.

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LINX 4900 from Diagraph®

Cleaner, Clearer, Smarter, and Tougher Make This Small Character Ink Jet Printer the Best to Date

St. Charles. . . Diagraph, An ITW Company, announces the LINX 4900 Small Character Continuous Ink Jet Printer. With the LINX product's track record of engineering and range of exciting featurers, it is the most advanced two-line printer to date. Like all LINX printers, the 4900 has been designed with reliability in mind, ensuring users will benefit from a low cost of ownership.

The LINX 4900's stainless steel cover has no dirt traps and provides a surface off which liquid naturally slides. This coupled with its best-in-class IP55 rating make it ideal for wash down environments such as food packaging, without the cost of factory air. Autoflush of the printer and conduit at shutdown ensures trouble-free startups. In addition, ink and solvent refilling are mistake proof and mess free.

The Printhead is designed specifically for two-line printing and uses an intelligent jet control system for maintaining print quality. Printhead temperature, time of flight and ink pressure are all managed by the printer itself for trouble-free viscosity control and consistent print quality, with no need for manual intervention. The sealed Printhead incorporates a valve system for clearer, cleaner start-ups, even after extended shutdowns. The clear, simple user interface with WYSIWYG message display means that messages are created, selected, edited and printed right the first time.

The LINX 4900 is designed to minimize the need for user intervention. Running parameters are monitored and adjusted by the printer itself, with clear on-screen diagnostics. The user never needs to open the enclosure, thus reducing potential damage to critical components. Also, there are no manual Printhead adjustments required. Up to 50 messages can be stored and selected via a preview screen for easy identification. When printing is finished, simply pressing one button will shut down the printer and switch it off.

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