inGenious Targeting Laboratory Acquires Worldwide Exclusive License for F.A.S.T.(TM) System from Columbia University for Mouse Model Generation

• F.A.S.T.™ system can rapidly generate multiple lines of mice that provide a spectrum of expression for single genes, from global knockout to selective over expression 

• Has demonstrated to have the flexibility and broad applicability in basic and biomedical research fields

Ronkonkoma, NY – inGenious Targeting Laboratory (iTL)  and Columbia University, announced today that iTL will hold an exclusive license for the F.A.S.T.™ system for use in the creation of multi-use mouse models. This system can rapidly generate multiple lines of mice that provide a spectrum of expression levels for single genes, from global knockout to selective over-expression reducing the timeliness and cost many investigators face in generating knockout or knockin mouse models.   The technology incorporates an inducible system resulting in rodent strains that can have both multiple gain-of-function and loss-of-function not previously achievable. 

"This exclusive partnership with inGenious Targeting Laboratory will allow for one of the premier mouse knockout/knockin service providers in the world to introduce the F.A.S.T.™ system to researchers worldwide in a very quick manner," said Dr. René Hen, Professor at Columbia University.  "This technology represents a clear competitive advantage in the generation of mouse models."  Ron Katz, Technology Licensing Officer from Columbia Technology Ventures, the technology transfer office at Columbia added, "We are pleased that this valuable research technology will come to market through a local company, and we are hopeful that it will make a tremendous impact in unraveling gene functions."

"Our goal at iTL is to provide clients with a complete range of mouse model services that meet their scientific needs. This exclusive partnership enhances our ability to exceed client expectations by offering a cost effective, innovative solution that accelerates the production of genetically modified mouse models," said Paul J. Sheiffele, President of inGenious Targeting Laboratory.  "The ability to have a single gene targeting event yielding multiple mouse models with variable expression patterns will allow any academic or biopharmaceutical researcher to understand gene function or modeling human disease in a much quicker manner."

About inGenious Targeting Laboratory

Established in 1998, inGenious Targeting Laboratory (iTL) is a leading global provider of custom genetically modified mouse models. iTL exclusively creates mice whose genetic make-up is tailored to the client’s research needs. Clients retain all intellectual property rights to their projects. A full range of project capabilities are available including; conventional and conditional knockouts, knockin models (reporter genes, cassettes, human/murine cDNAs), as well as novel approaches for custom models. Projects are initiated immediately upon completion of design parameters and progress to completion on-site, under the supervision of a dedicated Project Manager. iTL is located in Ronkonkoma, New York, USA.


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