InGaAs Photodiodes have transimpedance amplifiers.

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Housed in hermetically sealed, 4-pin, TO-46 package, photodetector hybrid devices feature InGaAs sensors with low noise transimpedance amplifiers (TIAs). FCI-H125/250G-InGaAs-70 models offers responsivity from 1100-1650 nm, while FCI-H155/622M-InGaAs-70 models have 70 mm InGaAs photodetectors with Automatic Gain Control function. Both series come with lensed caps or broadband double-sided AR coated flat windows. Packages are also available with FC, SC, ST, and/or SMA receptacles.

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InGaAs Photodiode with Transimpedance Amplifier New from OSI Fibercomm

Hawthorne, CA - April 17, 2003 - OSI Fibercomm, a subsidiary of OSI SYSTEMS (Nasdaq: OSIS), introduces two new photodetector hybrid series. Each series features InGaAs sensors with wide dynamic range combined with low noise transimpedance amplifiers (TIAs), excellent for high speed optical communications. The devices are housed in a hermetically sealed 4-pin TO-46 package, making conditions ideal for high speed signal detection and amplification for datacom and telecom applications. The FCI-H125 / 250G-InGaAs-70 offers high bandwidth for Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, ATM and SONET OC-48 / SDH STM-16 applications. High responsivity from 1100nm to 1650nm and high sensitivity with low capacitance and low dark current enhance performance for high-bit rate receivers used in LAN, MAN, WAN and other high speed communication systems. The FCI-H155 / 622M-InGaAs-70 series features 70mm InGaAs photodetectors with exceptionally low noise TIAs and high responsivity. Combined with a low capacitance and low dark current, the series incorporates with an Automatic Gain Control (AGC) function for superior sensitivity performance and overload of hybrids. The 155Mbps / 622 Mbps hybrids are suitable for optical receivers, ATM, SONET OC-3 / OC-12, and SDH STM-1 / STM-4 applications. Both of OSI Fibercomm's hybrid photodetector series exhibit excellent sensitivity. The standard TO-46 package comes with a lensed cap to increase coupling efficiency or with a broadband double-sided AR coated flat window. The packages are also available with FC, SC, ST and/or SMA receptacles. ABOUT THE COMPANY: OSI Fibercomm, a wholly-owned subsidiary of OSI Systems, Inc., is a premier designer and manufacturer of compound semiconductor photodetector components and subsystems for the fiber optic marketplace. As a custom fiber optic component and subsystems provider, OSI Fibercomm is a next-generation designer of fiber optic solutions. Please visit for more information. OSI Systems, Inc. is a diversified, global developer and distributor of optoelectronics for OEM manufacturing, the security, medical, and fiber optics markets. For additional information about OSI Systems, Inc. and subsidiaries, please visit:

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