Infrared Thermometer reads temperatures in 2 ways.

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Telatemp Dual Temperature (DT1100) point-and-shoot IR thermometer takes non-contact, hot and cold surface temperature measurements from pinpointed target area. Equipped with microelectromechanical system IR sensor and laser dot sighting system, product has temperature measurement range of -76 to +932°F with accuracy to 12% of reading or 12°C. Emissivity and temperature limits are programmable, and 2 in. circle can be measured from up to 22 in. away.

Original Press Release:

New Telatemp Infrared Thermometer Reads Temperatures Two Ways

Telatemp Corporation has introduced a versatile point-and-shoot infrared thermometer that can make non-contact hot and cold surface temperature measurements of a pinpointed target area, and also provide direct contact measurements using any K-type probe thermocouple having a mini-style plug.

The new Telatemp Dual Temperature (DT1100) infrared thermometer features a state-of-the-art MEMS (microelectromechanical system) infrared sensor with advanced optics and low voltage circuitry for fast, accurate and consistent measurement in a wide variety of applications.

With a broad temperature measurement range of -76 degrees to 932 degrees F (-60 degrees C to 500 degrees C), accuracy of 12% of reading or 12 degrees C, and high resolution optics, the DT1100 can measure temperatures from a greater distance or smaller objects from the same distance. For IR measurements, a bright "laser dot" sighting system helps pinpoint the center of the exact area to be measured. A 2" circle can be measured from a distance of 22 inches. For probe measurements, the unit displays temperatures automatically without using the trigger when the probe is plugged into the built-in socket.

The affordable unit can be programmed to change the 0.95 default emissivity. Using built-in key controls, any emissivity setting can be made from 0.01 to 1.00 in 0.01 increments. Other programmable features let you set your own high and low temperature limits including an alarm warning buzzer. When alarm limits are reached, visual and audible alarm warnings are activated.

The DT1100 is also designed to minimize errors from "thermal shock," the result of moving the unit to an area of considerable ambient temperature difference, such as from a hot food preparation area into a walk-in refrigerator. Measurement errors are typically reduced by a factor of three and stabilization time is reduced by a factor of four, compared to other instruments.

Industry applications for the thermometer range from equipment maintenance and electrical panel troubleshooting to diagnosing HVAC problems to maintaining food temperatures. At $99, the DT1100 offers the most extensive capabilities of any comparable instrument.

Telatemp Corporation is a supplier of transit, storage and process temperature sensing devices for applications including: pharmaceuticals, clinical specimens, biologicals, perishables, film, electronics, computers, medical devices, textiles, foods and industrial products. For more information, call Telatemp at 800/321-5160, fax them at 714/870-8136, write 351 S. Raymond Ave., Fullerton, CA 92831, access them on the World Wide Web at or email:

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