Infrared Thermocouples feature 4:1 field of view.

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Models microIRt/c.4-K-440F/220C and microIRt/c.4SV-K-440F/220C are self-powered, miniature thermocouples measuring 0.25 dia x 1.0 in. L and 0.50 dia x 1.0 in. L, respectively. Sensing range is -49 to +975°F and ambient temperature range is -40 to +212°F. With ambient temperature compensation circuit, units hold true accuracy with changes in ambient temperature. They are hermetically sealed, intrinsically safe, and have no active electronics.

Original Press Release:

Exergen Corporation Introduces the NEW micro IRt/c.4-K-440F/220C and microIRt/c.4SV-K-440F/220C

Exergen Corporation, Watertown, MA introduces the NEW micro IRt/c.4-K-440F/220C and microIRt/c.4SV-K-440F/220C, 4:1 field of view, SELF POWERED, miniature sized, Infrared Thermocouples. With a 4:1 field of view (distance: spot size ratio), you can move the sensor 8 times further away than the current version (1:2 FOV). The micro IRt/c.4-K-440F/220C and micro IRt/c.4SV-K-440F/220C's are 0.25" dia x 1.0" long and 0.50" x 1.0" long (4SV), so they can be mounted in the smallest places at far distances. They come in straight view and side view mount (4SV). You also get large performance and high reliability benefits at a small cost. The cost of the NEW micro IRt/c.4 is only twice that of the micro IRt/c. So you can mount it at eight times the distance away, for only twice the price.

The sensing range of this new model and all microIRt/c sensors are -49 to 975 ºF (-45 to 524 ºC) and the ambient temperature range is -40 to 212 ºF (-40 to 100 ºC). The temperature ranges in which they are calibrated at to obtain true accuracy is 414 -464 ºF (214 - 240 ºC) compared to a K type t/c. For measurements outside that range there are custom mv output tables available for download to programmable controls. They also hold true accuracy with changes in ambient temperature with the same patented ambient temperature compensation circuit used on all Exergen self powered IRt/c's. Micro sized air purge is also available without adding much to the size (APJ-1, Air purge jacket is 3/8" dia x 3" long), or cost.

The IRt/c's are the most reliable in the world and have a MTBF rate of > 1,000 years. Having no active electronics, being hermetically sealed, and intrinsically safe, the micro IRt/c gives you a trusted sensor, with performance and accuracy that will contribute to increasing production yield in any application, for a small fraction of the cost of your equipment.

About Exergen
Exergen Corporation, located in Watertown, MA, designs and manufactures infrared temperature sensors designed for the performance of fast, accurate and non-invasive temperature measurements used in virtually all industries. Exergen's commitment to innovative temperature control technology continues to help customers meet or exceed their production requirements.

For more information about Exergen IRt/c non-contact temperature technology, please contact: Bob Harris, Exergen Corporation, 51 Water Street, Watertown, MA, 02472; Call 800-422-3006, ext 238; Fax 617-923-9911; or e-mail

Information is also available on the company's website at

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