Infrared Cameras feature smart sensor technology.

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Modular ThermoVision® A20 and A40 combine microbolometers, optics, electronics, and ambient temperature compensation with user-configurable logic, multiple I/O, 60 Hz color video output, and plug-n-play Ethernet or FireWire network connectivity. Suited for remote monitoring, process control, machine vision, and design verification, cameras provide temperature measurement and linked multiple digital and analog alarming.

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FLIR Introduces Smart, Ultra-Compact Line of Infrared Cameras

New ThermoVision® A-Series are breakthrough in smart sensor technology, plug-and-play connectivity, and autonomous alarming and control

N. Billerica, MA (February 20, 2004) - The FLIR ThermoVision A20 and A40 IR camera families are the smartest infrared cameras ever built. They combine FLIR's proven microbolometers, optics, electronics, and ambient temperature compensation (ATC) technology in a rugged form factor with on-board, user-configurable logic, multiple inputs and outputs, standard 60 Hz color video output (RS170 EIA/NTSC or CCIR/PAL composite video), and plug-and-play Ethernet or FireWire network connectivity.

All A-Series cameras are uniquely designed for remote monitoring, process control, machine vision, design verification, and advanced security applications. They feature revolutionary control capabilities that include autonomous reaction to programmable thermal parameters and remote
access via Ethernet or FireWire.

According to Thomas J. Scanlon, FLIR Vice President of Americas Thermography, "The integration of FLIR's advanced intelligent ThermoVision A-series infrared cameras with industry-standard remote condition monitoring systems like ScadaCam provides utility personnel an unprecedented condition monitoring, sensing, and autonomous control capability that enhances both safety and reliability. We look forward to a strong demand for this system worldwide."

The ultra-compact A20 form factor models accept the optics of the award-winning FLIR ThermaCAM E-Series handheld IR cameras. The compact A40 form factor models accept the optics of the high-resolution P-Series handheld IR cameras. Three models of each form factor are offered. All come with FLIR's LabVIEW Developers SDK and the ThermoVision System SDK based on ActiveX and Visual Basic C++ to enable seamless integration of these units into existing control systems.

A20V and A40V models are imaging-only units. A20M and A40M models provide temperature measurement and linked multiple digital and analog alarming capabilities, with multiple remotely
controllable target spots and areas. A20M Researcher and A40M Researcher models come with FireWire connectivity and FLIR Researcher software.

Because logic is built into all A-Series cameras, they eliminate the need for a PC to monitor and control processes based on infrared thermal signatures. Everything is built into these cameras. Simply plug them into a monitor and they immediately produce images. Or plug them into a network, assign an IP address and configure and access with a Web browser from anywhere on the network, including the Internet, as you would any addressable device.

Their modular design and small size are ideal for both stand-alone and integrated configurations for a variety of thermal monitoring, process control, machine vision, design verification, remote monitoring, and advanced security applications.

Built to operate 24/7 for long periods and in harsh industrial environments, these rugged cameras are ideal for applications where continuous evaluation or control of a process, product
or facility is critical to ensure reliability, quality, safety and security. Applications include remote electric substation monitoring, steel shredding operations, pulp and paper manufacturing, die-casting quality control, and security.
Connectivity options include FireWire (IEEE 1394) or Ethernet for network and/or multi-camera installations, built-in connectivity to industrial field buses, Web-based remote control and software based on Active X development. With minimal investment, the A20 and A40 can be turned into a powerful machine vision tool when coupled with FLIR LabVIEW (via Firewire) and the FLIR LabVIEW software developer's toolkit (SDK), which allows programmers to easily access camera functions. Also available is a ThermoVision SDK, which provides full access to camera functions and source code examples, allowing programmers to work in their own environments and develop custom solutions much faster.

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FLIR Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLIR), the global leader in infrared cameras and technology, offers infrared cameras for applications involving any portion of the IR spectrum, including near-IR, midwave-IR and longwave IR regimes. A broad range of platforms, sensors, optics, and software solves problems in condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, research and development, manufacturing process control, airborne observation, search and rescue, drug interdiction, surveillance, reconnaissance, navigation safety, border and maritime patrol, environmental monitoring, and security. For more information, or to take a virtual factory tour and see examples of IR in use, please visit

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