Industrial Shot Blasting Cabinet features 2 work stations.

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Featuring 36 x 60 x 36 in. chamber, customized Model 7 allows one user to change positions to reach all aspects of 5 ft long component or 2 people to blast simultaneously. Each work station has view window and independently adjustable blast nozzle, and top-hinged upper section accommodates loading of taller components. In addition to safety interlocks on all doors, features include stainless steel shot collection, cyclone media reclaimer, and dust collector.

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Dual Station Shot Blasting Cabinet

Saratoga Springs, NY - Guyson Corporation has introduced a wide body industrial pressure-blast cabinet with two operator work stations, each having its own view window and independently adjustable blast nozzle. The customized dual station Model 7 shot blasting system allows a single user to change positions and conveniently reach all aspects of a five-foot-long component, or two people can blast simultaneously.

The overall dimensions of the shot blast chamber are 36" H x 60" W x 36" D. A full width side-hinged door allows frontal access, with a slam-shut 19 x 19-inch door on the right side of the cabinet. Additional height for loading tall components can be gained by raising the top-hinged upper section of the cabinet front. All doors have safety interlocks that prevent operation of the blast machine until securely closed. Two sets of padded armholes with shoulder-length attached gloves are provided .

Stainless steel shot is collected at the base of the blast cabinet and pneumatically conveyed up to a cyclone media reclaimer that separates dust and fines before feeding reusable shot to the system's 3.5 cubic foot capacity pressure vessel. The pressure pot automatically recharges with fresh shot whenever both foot pedals are released. Two metering valves are located at the bottom of the pressure vessel to enable control of the shot flow to each pressure-blast nozzle. The blasting pressure of each nozzle is also individually regulated.

The shot-blast system is completed by a dust collector with an extraction capacity of 1,000 to 2,000 cubic feet of air per minute, which maintains negative pressure in the blast cabinet and balances the flow of air to the media reclaimer. The optional wet dust collector illustrated is suitable for collection of potentially flammable dusts that may be generated when processing components made of titanium, magnesium or other reactive metals and their alloys.

Abrasion protection features supplied to resist the harsh mechanical forces of shot blasting include bonded rubber lining of the blast enclosure, cast urethane ducting to the reclaimer, lining of the cyclone inlet elbow, body and cone, as well as boron carbide lined blast nozzles.

Prospective users of industrial cabinet-blast equipment are encouraged to submit sample components for free laboratory testing and application engineering evaluation at the blast machine builder's factory in northeastern New York State.

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