Industrial PCs feature remote health monitoring.

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Available in 8.4, 12, and 15 in. units, PS3000 series Light Duty Industrial touchscreen Computers include system boot from compact flash card and early warning PC failure detection. Systems support Pro-face RAS functionality, allowing local/remote monitoring or alerts of IPC system properties. RAS provides status and availability data of factory floor PC locally via pop-up messages or stack light, or to another control room computer via Ethernet.

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New Industrial PCs Feature Remote Health Monitoring Providing Early Warning Fault Detection

Saline, MI - November 9, 2007 - Pro-face America, North American division of Digital Electronics, announces the release of the PS3000 series family of Light Duty Industrial touchscreen Computers. The PS3000 series includes three IPC sizes, a compact 8.4" unit, a 12" unit, and 15" unit, all with full Windows XP multi-language or Windows 2K operating system pre-installed. These PCs include two powerful features demanded by industrial users; 1) System boot from a compact flash card and 2) Early warning PC failure detection. Pro-face now solves the industry problem of providing early warning detection of excessive heat exposure, impending mechanical hard drive and fan failure, CPU or power troubles to remote operators. The result is enhanced Reliability, longer PC Availability and smarter maintenance Serviceability, or RAS. RAS is an exclusive PC health alert monitoring feature available only in Pro-face industrial PCs.

New Remote IPC Alert System Monitoring (RAS Feature)
All three PS3000 industrial computers support Pro-face RAS functionality allowing local or remote monitoring or alerts of the IPC system properties including power voltage, fan speed, CPU temperature, touch panel, backlight, and hard drive conditions.

RAS lets users know status and availability of a factory floor PC both locally via pop-up messages and driving a stack light indicating visual condition from a distance, or sending status information directly to another control room computer via Ethernet. Control Room staff and floor supervisors are immediately alerted if a pc component, temperature or other diagnostics option detects abnormalities. An alarm message and other alerts are sent allowing staff to initiate a safe and controlled system shutdown or effect environment adjustments in case of excessive heat.

The extra power of the Pro-face PS3000 RAS feature is that it allows users to monitor the health of multiple Pro-face IPCs on the factory floor from a single remote location. The user has options to send remote reset commands to individual IPCs which perform a PC reset for restricted access areas increasing operator safety or begin initiating a system shutdown to help prevent an accidental un-controlled costly system shutdown.

Companies can't afford to have maintenance personnel stand in front of a PC when they suspect that something might be happening to the unit. The RAS feature is also a remote diagnostic tool monitoring a suspected PC problem, and helps in scheduling proper PC maintenance cycles. The result is the PS3000 series RAS features increases overall system reliability, unit uptime availability, and improves diagnostics while decreasing service costs.

8.4" Compact Touch Screen IPC
The 8.4" PS3450A is a perfect combination of computing power and compact size. The PS3450A features a high resolution SVGA (800 x 600) TFT color LCD, and runs the Intel® Celeron® M processor with the Microsoft® Windows® XP® operating system. The PS3450A supports a variety of ports including USB, Serial and Ethernet. The PS3450A features boot from compact flash card for solid state operations for applications not wanting to rely on a traditional hard drive. In addition for power savings and enhanced security "Wake On LAN" is supported, the Ethernet standard that allows a computer to be turned on remotely over a network.

12.1" High Resolution IPC
The 12.1" PS3650A features a cool running minimal heat generation Intel® Celeron® M processor, and the choice of Microsoft® Windows® XP multi-language or Windows® 2000. Along with a high resolution XGA (1024x768) TFT color LCD, the PS3650A also supports a variety of connectors including four USB, two Ethernet, and one Serial port. The PS3650A supports boot from compact flash card for solid state operations ideal for applications not wanting to rely on a traditional hard drive.

15" Powerful Pentium® M Industrial Computer
The 15" PS3710A features the Intel® Pentium® M 1.6GHz processor, and the choice of Microsoft® Windows® XP multi-language or Windows® 2000. This PC processor performance is on par with the Pentium 4 processor found in competing products but operates on almost 1/10 the wattage resulting in very low heat generation. This reduction in heat over the Pentium 4 processors results in a much cooler and reliable PC, sparing the hard drive from exposure to high internal heat which leads to early hard drive failure. The PS3710A features boot from compact flash card for solid state operations ideal for applications not wanting to rely on a traditional hard drive.

Built-in Pro-face HMI Investment Protection
Pro-face is unique as an industry supplier by continuing to provide investment protection for its customers. Investment protection is providing a very simple and easy method for customers to update their machines in the field from old technology to new technology at the lowest possible cost. Our investment protection includes both hardware and software migrations. Recognized by the industry previously for providing 21 years of cutout compatibility with our PCs, the PS3000 series is no exception. Our PS series 15" model is cutout compatible with its predecessors the Xycom brand 4115T, 3115T etc.. The PS3650 requires an adapter plate that is free from Pro-face for our Xycom brand 3112T customers. In the field, simple, fast, minimal cost, "remove and replace" is the extra value users enjoy when it comes time to upgrade.

About Us
Pro-face is the #1 world leader in HMI solutions by supplying the most extensive line of operator interface and industrial computer products. Pro-face continues to set the global standards for HMI solutions by offering trend setting features, highest product performance and reliability, global certifications and the most extensive hardware and software connectivity available. Principal Pro-face products include HMI touch screens, operator interfaces, and industrial PCs. The Pro-face family also includes Xycom brand industrial PC and flat panel products serving industrial, automotive, aerospace, packaging, plastics, textile and other markets.

Pro-face and Xycom have hardware and software installed in more than 300,000 factory-floor systems worldwide. Pro-face America is headquartered in Saline, Michigan. Pro-face has offices and support staff located around the world. For more information about Pro-face HMI products visit

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