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Industrial Gateway facilitates field device communications.

Press Release Summary:

Located at SCADA client site, WebSCADA ComGateway(TM) provides core data transmission capabilities for field devices over broadband networks such as DSL, cable, or satellite communications - wired or wireless. It can integrate multiple devices using RS232/RS422/RS485, UBS, and Bluetooth protocols. Combined with PLCs, RTUs, and application devices, solution allows WebSCADA users to design and deploy flexible, secure, and customized automation solutions over Internet.

Original Press Release:

WebSCADA Added a New Communication Product - WS ComGateway(TM)

Mission Viejo, California (January 8, 2008) - WebSCADA Corporation today announced the availability of new WebSCADA communication gateway product, WS ComGateway(TM), for industrial automation customers. This new WebSCADA product addresses a wide range of customer identified needs, including advanced reliability, improved ease of use, and increased scalability and flexibility of SCADA systems.

WS ComGateway(TM) is a small electronic device located at the SCADA client site. It provides the core data transmission capabilities for field devices over broadband networks such as DSL, cable or satellite communications, either wire or wireless. It can integrate multiple devices using RS232/RS422/RS485, UBS, and Bluetooth protocols. The gateway combined with PLCs, RTUs, and application devices allows WebSCADA users to quickly design and deploy flexible, secure and customized automation solutions over the Internet regardless of physical locations.

WS ComGateway(TM) digital I/O feature provides WebSCADA users with the convenience of connecting their digital devices to SCADA systems. It can be used for on/off event handling by reading the state change of the digital input signal, and output signals from external digital devices can be imported into its digital input channels. It can also be programmed to take immediate action on the field when it detects a change in the signal state. It supports both WebSCADA data acquisition and protocol conversion via the RS-232/422/485 serial ports. Its pre-installed WinCE OS provides an open and standard software operating system for customized applications, making it ideal for embedded application platforms at WebSCADA client sites.

WS ComGateway(TM) automatically communicates with WebSCADA servers via secure Internet connections. In addition to integration with the state-of-arts WebSCADA systems, its other major features include:

o Intel Xscale IXP-422 266 MHz processor
o 128 MB RAM on-board, 32 MB Flash Disk
o Eight RS-232/422/485 serial ports
o Dual 10/100Mbps Ethernet
o USB 2.0 Host
o PCMCIA, CompactFlash, Wireless LAN Expansion (802.11b/802.11g)
o LCM Display and keypad for HMI
o Ready-to-Run WinCE .NET Communication Platform
o Robust, Fanless Design
o Easy to integrate into WebSCADA and/or existing SCADA systems

WS ComGateway(TM), in combination with WebSCADA other products, allows users to gain control over changes to their SCADA systems securely via the Internet, enhances security, helps short SCADA deployment cycle, and most importantly, increases ROI for businesses. The release of WS ComGateway(TM) enables WebSCADA to offer complete SCADA solutions to industrial automation customers.

About WebSCADA Corporation

WebSCADA provides automation solutions through Internet. Its products and services are especially suitable for small to median sized businesses to quickly and efficiently turn on their cutting-edge SCADA systems with limited budgets. Using the latest Internet technologies and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), WebSCADA simplifies automation systems and reduces SCADA operational expenses by eliminating SCADA control center/room costs completely. For more information, please visit the company web site at

Contact: Yvonne Hong
(800) 600 - 8138

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