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Industrial Drying Oven offers temperature uniformity.

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Industrial Drying Oven offers temperature uniformity.

Dec 12, 2013 - Offering temperature uniformity and gentle airflow to avoid product displacement, Sahara Industrial Drying Oven features internal plenums with appropriately sized air circulation and properly placed heating elements. Various sizes and heating arrangements are available, and temperatures can range from room temperature to 500°F. Custom build options are also available.

Benko Products, Inc. - Sheffield Village, OH

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Industrial Drying Oven by Benko Products Provides

Press release date: Dec 09, 2013

Benko Products, Inc., a leading innovator in the process heating industry, announces its Sahara Industrial Drying Oven which is ideal for applications where temperature uniformity is needed.

The oven was designed for a food manufacturer who needed a method to dry moisture from small pellets on removable trays. Gentle airflow was necessary to avoid product displacement, but temperature uniformity was critical. Internal plenums with properly sized air circulation and properly placed heating elements provided the perfect solution.

Sahara Drying Ovens are available in a range of sizes and heating arrangements to meet a variety of drying applications. Temperatures can range from room temperature to 500°F.  Benko Products is not restricted to standard model sizes and instead, will custom build an industrial oven to your specifications.

Benko Products has been manufacturing Sahara Industrial Ovens for 30 years and has thousands of ovens successfully operating in the field today. A two-year warranty is offered on all ovens. For more information on the Sahara Oven line, contact Benko Products, Inc. at (440) 934-2180 or go to

About Benko Products, Inc.
Benko Products, Inc. is a privately held company based out of Sheffield Village, OH. Benko Products was founded in 1983 by pioneer John Benko, the inventor of the Sahara Hot Box® drum warming oven. Benko’s leading product lines include industrial ovens; G-RAFF safety platforms; mezzanine safety gates and chemical storage systems. Benko is also the parent company to GREEN Access & Fall Protection, a leading manufacturer of gangways for tank trucks and rail cars as well as self-leveling stair applications.