Inductors are designed for high-power Class D amplifiers.

Press Release Summary:

Inductors with DC current ratings up to 30 A use compact ferrite core made from high-saturation, low-loss material; employs flat wire for high-frequency operation; and uses transistors as on/off switches. Converted to series of pulses via PWM, signal is amplified and converted into analog signal as it goes through low-pass filter. Enclosed shape of core provides added shielding, and inductance values are available from 10, 22, and 33 µH and can be adjusted to any value up to 100 µH.

Original Press Release:

CET Technology Announces a New Inductor Design for Class D Amplifiers

Windham NH — CET Technology ( has developed a new inductor design series for high efficiency, high power, Class D amplifiers.  The inductor design uses a compact ferrite core made from high saturation, low loss material. It also employs flat wire for high frequency operation.  Because the core has an enclosed shape it provides added shielding.

Unlike a linear amplifier, which uses transistors to increase the amplitude of an applied signal, Class D amplifiers use transistors as ON/OFF switches.  The signal is converted to a series of pulses through pulse-width modulation. These pulses are then amplified and converted into an analog signal as they go through a low-pass filter made up of inductors and capacitors. One of the main advantages of Class D Amplifiers is that they are more efficient than linear amplifiers.

DC current ratings for the Class D amplifier can be as high as 30amps. Size ranges are from 15mmX17.5mmX19mm to 20mmX23mmX23mm.  Inductance values range from  10, 22 and 33µH, but can be adjusted to any value up to 100µH. 

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