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SteelFace(TM) has sensor enclosure milled from one piece of solid stainless steel with impact- and abrasion-resistant face that measures ~1 mm thick. Able to withstand 500 psi dynamic pressure, product comes in ferrous-only and nonferrous-only models in 8, 12, 18, and 30 mm sizes. Unit is suited for in-die sensing and washdown applications with pressures up to 1,200 psi. Ferrous and nonferrous units are suited for aluminum machining and part sensing applications.

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Balluff Introduces Most Rugged SteelFace(TM) Inductive Sensor

FLORENCE, KY (May 9, 2003) - Balluff Inc. has introduced its SteelFace(TM) inductive sensor, designed to survive longer in environments where mechanical damage is an issue. Balluff's sensor is extremely rugged. Unlike many competing designs that use a steel endcap, Balluff's SteelFace sensor enclosure is milled from one piece of solid stainless steel with an impact and abrasion resistant face approximately 1mm thick.

"The most common reason for sensor failure is mechanical damage," says Balluff Product Manager Craig Brockman. "Many of our competitors offer only a steel end cap mated to a steel tube. Not only is our one-piece enclosure design more rugged, it has superior chemical and cutting fluid resistance. Balluff Steeface sensors can withstand 500 psi dynamic pressure. But we didn't stop there - our design offers full sensing range capability not usually found in other steel face sensors."

Balluff SteelFace sensors come in ferrous-only and nonferrous-only models. A ferrous-only sensor detects ferrous metals such as steel, iron and nickel, while ignoring nonferrous metals. Nonferrous-only detection models detect nonferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, and brass objects and ignore ferrous objects.

Typical applications for a ferrous-only sensor can be found in aluminum machining. Ferrous-only sensors are used to detect tool pallets, cutting tools, and fixtures while ignoring high amounts of aluminum chips that are generated during the machining operation. Nonferrous sensors are commonly used to detect the presence of objects such as aluminum engine blocks, while ignoring the ferrous pallets or fixtures that hold them. Balluff SteelFace sensors, available in 8, 12, 18, and 30 mm sizes, are particularly suited for in-die sensing and washdown applications with pressures up to 1200 psi.

Balluff Inc. is the U.S. subsidiary of Balluff GmbH & Co., Neuhausen, Germany. Balluff has been one of the world's leading sensor suppliers since 1921, with the resources, commitment, and know how to help customers significantly increase productivity and lower production costs. Balluff products include a complete line of sensors, transducers, ID systems, and connectors and cables. Sensor lines include photoelectric, inductive, capacitive, and magnetic, as well as other more specialized sensor products to fit virtually any sensing application. Balluff concentrates on providing innovative and practical sensor solutions for a wide range of applications and industries. For further information on Balluff Inc., call 1-800-543-8390, or visit

For more information about the SteefFace inductive sensor, contact Craig Brockman, Product Line Manager, Balluff Inc., 8125 Holton Drive, Florence, KY 41042. Phone: 800-543-8390. Fax: 859-727-7752, or visit our website at

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