Incremental Encoders enable flexible speed, position monitoring.

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To accommodate diverse application requirements, available products include PC-programmable ITD2P optical encoder, PC-programmable BHF/BHG optical encoders and magnetic EcoMag encoders, EcoMag BRIH/BRID/BRIV magnetic encoders, and DIP switch-programmable BHK/BVK optical encoders. Available in various shaft designs, series allow both impulse count and rotational direction to be programmed. Users can also select and specify speed monitoring and positioning parameters for application.

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Baumer Introduces Four Families of Easy-to-Program Incremental Encoders

Programmable Encoders Allow Flexibility in Speed and Position Monitoring

Southington, Conn. - To help minimize encoder inventories and their associated costs, Baumer has introduced four new families of programmable incremental encoders that can be quickly and easily programmed using either user-friendly PC software or mechanical DIP switches. Available with either optical or magnetic sensing principles and in various shaft designs, these encoders allow both impulse count and rotational direction to be programmed. These encoders allow users to select and specify speed monitoring and positioning parameters for their application.

Operating on an optical sensing principal, the compact ITD2P encoder can be programmed using a PC to specify impulse count to 4,096 impulses (in increments of one), TTL or HTL output circuit, zero index width/position, and index. Requiring no dedicated programming cable or line, this encoder is configured by a PC using only the supply line. Supply voltage for the ITD2P encoder ranges from 4.75 to 30 VDC.

PC-programmable encoder lines also include the compact BHF/BHG optical encoders and magnetic EcoMag encoders. BHF/BHG optical encoders offer high resolution and angular accuracy to +/- 40 inches. Impulse count can be programmed between 2048 and 320,000 impulses. These encoders offer several programming stages via the PC software. Featuring no breakable components, EcoMag BRIH/BRID/BRIV encoders operate with a robust magnetic sensing principle that provides high shock and vibration resistance. Impulse count is programmable to a maximum of 2048 impulses.

For remote programming without computer assistance, BHK/BVK optical encoders allow several programming stages using DIP switches. DIP switches are easily accessed with a screwdriver. Impulse count can be programmed to a maximum of 5000 impulses and allow several programming stages. These encoders are ultra-compact, just 40 mm in diameter.

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