Increasing Production Efficiency & Product Quality in Ready-to-Use Frosting Manufacturing

Ready-to-use frostings have gained in popularity in recent years. Prepared frostings typically consist of sugar, gums and flavors such as cocoa and vanilla which are dispersed into a solution of corn syrup and water. Eductor-style powder dispersers often do not effectively disperse the gums and flavors without creating agglomerates causing increased batch times and often, re-work of the product. Due to the highly viscous nature of the final product, conventional agitators have problems mixing the product, leading to on-going maintenance issues and poor blending within the vessel.

The Quadro Ytron® Powder Disperser utilizes a close tolerance, high-shear slotted rotor/stator which creates a liquid ring and generates significant vacuum in the reactor head. This vacuum ensures that powders are drawn into the reactor head where they are sheared into the liquid phase before hydration takes place. The result is a smooth & consistent, lump-free slurry without recirculating and over-shearing the product after hydration takes place.

The Y-Jet Mixer uses a unique rotor/stator mixing head to create a pure axial flow discharge jet that provides efficient in-tank mixing and blending, thereby maintaining complete uniformity of the batch without damaging the equipment.

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