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Flexible, modular ImageWriter(TM) enables device programming on any board inside test fixture, helping electronics manufacturers manage production with multiple product configurations for single target board. It is based on open architecture that enables seamless integration with automated test and manufacturing systems and facilitates programming of devices already mounted on circuit board. Product can be controlled directly via ATE signal or from any process control software.

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Data I/O Announces Innovative In-System Programming for Production

ImageWriter(TM) simplifies integrated programming at test

Redmond, Wash. - November 9, 2004 - Data I/O Corporation (NASDAQ: DAIO) today announced an innovative new in-system programming solution that will dramatically improve the way manufacturers program devices already mounted on a circuit board.

ImageWriter by Data I/O is a flexible, modular in-system programming solution designed specifically for production. Because it enables device programming on any board inside a test fixture, ImageWriter helps electronics manufacturers accelerate production cycles and manage production with multiple product configurations for a single target board.

"The rapid growth in the use of programmable devices by the consumer electronics and automotive industries has created a critical need for seamless programming solutions at test. The development of the ImageWriter product line is aimed directly at that need and broadens our programming solution set throughout the value chain," said Fred Hume, President and CEO of Data I/O. We see in-system programming as a key growth area for Data I/O."

Markets for electronic products in consumer, automotive, medical, and industrial segments increasingly require customized features, driving a need to reconfigure or upgrade a product late in the manufacturing process or in the field at service locations. Embedded designs rely on reprogrammable flash-based microcontrollers and serial EEprom devices to support this demand.

Available development tools are effective at programming these devices on the board during the design process. However, when the product moves to full production, many manufacturers find themselves improvising in-system programming solutions that cannot meet the performance and quality standards in manufacturing.

Unlike any other products designed for programming devices mounted on a circuit board, Image Writer is based on an open architecture that enables seamless integration with automated test and manufacturing systems. In detailed market research undertaken by Data I/O during 2003, Production and Test Managers identified 3 key needs in their ideal in-system programming solution:

o Accurate and reliable programming

o Ease of integration with existing test systems

o Ability to manage multiple firmware/software configurations on one hardware design

The Image Writer in-system programmer from Data I/O addresses these needs directly.

o Robust hardware design with a compact footprint assures a long life of service at high production volumes.

o An open architecture and documented programming command sets give Test Engineers the integration advantage - an Image Writer module can be controlled directly via an ATE signal, or from any process control software such as Lab View, with a few hours of implementation effort.

o Resident compact flash card stores all programming images on the Image Writer programmer - close to the target board for rapid programming on a single or multi-board panel. The Image files may represent multiple configurations of the end product - be it an industrial control device, a digital toy, an automotive assembly or a personal electronics device.

The Image Writer programmer pricing ranges from $1500 to $2000 per module. The product is now available to electronics manufacturers looking for a reliable solution for in-system programming of flash microcontrollers and serial EEprom devices.

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