In-Line Charge Converter features ruggedized design.

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Used with MEAS series piezoelectric accelerometers for high temperature testing, vibration monitoring, and R/D instrumentation, Model 130 converts high-impedance charge output from accelerometer to low-impedance voltage output. Unit, powered by constant current, offers 1 and 10 mV/pC gain options as well as low/high pass filters. Offering bandwidth to 30 kHz, product comes in stainless steel housing sealed against humidity and offers optional BNC male and female connectors.

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Rugged In-Line Charge Converter

Measurement Specialties, Inc. (NASDAQ: MEAS) has completed its design for the new Model 130 in-line charge converter and has released it for production. This device converts the high impedance charge output from an accelerometer to a low impedance voltage output. The Model 130 is used with the popular MEAS family of piezoelectric accelerometers for high temperature testing, vibration monitoring and R&D instrumentation.

Powered by constant current, the Model 130 offers 1 mV/pC and 10mV/pC gain options, low noise and low/high pass filters. It also features optional BNC male and female connectors, broad bandwidth to 30 kHz and easy interfacing to charge transducers.

This small charge converter is packaged in a rugged stainless steel housing that is environmentally sealed against humidity. Electrical isolation is achieved using a clear Teflon sleeve for use at temperatures ranging from -40 ºC to +100 ºC. With compliance voltage of 18 to 30Vdc, these units can be used with readily available power supplies.

About Measurement Specialties

Measurement Specialties, Inc. designs and manufactures sensors and sensor-based systems. The company produces a wide variety of sensors and transducers to measure precise ranges of physical characteristics such as pressure, force, vibration, torque, position, temperature, humidity, fluid properties, mass air flow and photo optics. Measurement Specialties uses multiple advanced technologies - including piezo-resistive, electro-optic, electro-magnetic, variable reluctance, magneto resistive, digital encoders, thermistors, thermocouples, RTDs, capacitive, resonant beam, application specific integrated circuits (ASICs), micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), piezoelectric polymers and strain gauges to engineer sensors that operate accurately and cost-effectively in customers' applications.

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