Improved Solutions For Plastic Enclosures - Molded Strain Relief's

With the turn of the century, Printed Circuit boards have diversified and improved. Along with this development, the use of off-the-shelf or custom plastic enclosures has multiplied. ISC has improved upon the incorporation of added flex relief by creating an off-the-shelf strain relief product. As a value added part, strain reliefs are a vital component to improving and adding longevity in the lifespan of your product.

How our improved strain relief’s work with two part enclosures is by placing the slot portion in-between two sections of the enclosure. Enabling the strain relief to be held in place once the enclosure is sealed. Using this method allows the flange to be captured and act as an anchor from any pull on the cable. As a value added solution ISC is able to mold the desired strain relief directly on the jacket of your cable in order to improve flex relief. When paired with a mechanical device under the overmold, value of the pull force is significantly increased and helps ensure vital connections within the enclosure are not disturbed.

ISC offers an improved and extensive collection of standard, off-the-shelf molded strain relief solutions to improve upon your product. With over thousands of configurations, we’re able to create the molded strain relief you need. Our multi-flex style parts allow your cable to flex in all directions, while providing the relief you need. In addition, below is a complete list of the various body styles we offer to customize your product:

- Multiflex

- Uniflex

- Solid-Rib

- Solid

If you would like to learn more about ISC’s collection of standard, off-the-shelf and Custom made to order molded strain relief’s. Please contact one of our sales engineers or visit our website

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