Improved Injection Molded Solutions for Embedded Electronics

With the turn of the Century over molding embedded electronics has evolved from a niche into a market of its own within the expanding cable assembly industry. With printed circuit board assemblies becoming compact and cost effective when it comes to input/output (I/O) connections.

Continued advancement in PCBA technology combined with an over molded package design, provide significant advantages not possible with conventional methods. With these advancements in injection molding and compound development, we’re now able to mold directly over many types of PCBA designs. The result, a tactile ruggedness with an opportunity to improve functionality and cost reduction in a turnkey solution.

Incorporating various types of switches, led’s, multiple cable breakouts and connectors provides a wide spectrum of design alternatives. In addition, some designs have grown in size up to 4”x 10” footprints. With ISC’s improved approach for injection molding in conjunction with PCBA’s, the added benefits outweigh the relatively low cost.

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