Improve NPI for Free, with New Genesis Configuration

Universal Instruments is to include NPI software installed and activated free of charge with all future orders for its Genesis high-speed chip placement platforms, allowing customers to achieve faster and more efficient new product introductions. NPI software is easy to use and delivers productivity benefits, especially in high-mix and specialist manufacturing environments.

"Universal is determined to continuously improve value and satisfaction for customers, and existing NPI users tell us this software greatly enhances productivity," said Director of Genesis Platform, Scott Gerhart. "With NPI software now freely available with Genesis, which also includes embedded features that maximize the capabilities of NPI, Universal customers will enjoy distinct advantage over their competitors."

The NPI package has already delivered considerable savings in time and expense, for major electronic assemblers world-wide. Gerhart confirmed "Universal's NPI software allows our customers to substantially reduce assembly set up time of any given product and the bottom line results are quite significant. And while the reduction in set-up time definitely translates to dollars saved, two equally profound benefits of this software are the improvements in quality and the reduction of scrap." Universal's NPI software allows for the first board of a production run to be produced nearly 100% defect free. These savings allow users to deliver faster turnaround and a highly cost-competitive service to their customers.

Further features of the NPI utility include post-placement inspection assistance to facilitate fine-tuning and troubleshooting. In a high product mix environment, NPI's ability to rapidly verify feeder and fiducial settings can deliver valuable savings. By supporting pre-placement inspection NPI will help to drive up productivity and utilization, and reduce operator training. It also verifies that all parts are placed, and are correctly located and oriented after the board has been built.

The NPI software complements the features native to Universal's UPS+ machine operating software, which provides over 1200 industry standard shape codes and JEDEC tray definitions and flexible component definition capabilities. Further features of UPS+ supporting the NPI software include intuitive CAD import, image capture tools for real-time debug analysis, and powerful querying capabilities allowing multiple parameter changes against multiple component definitions.

Tightly integrated hardware enhancements further extend the advantages of the NPI and UPS+ software capabilities. Extra cost options include adjustable track feeders, self-ID feeders, bank change feeders, the Universal Magellan camera with increased field-of-view and higher magnification, adjustable grippers for 7-spindle heads, and Dimensions Line Control software for auto-programming.

The NPI utility is also compatible with the Universal AdVantis chip placement platform, and delivers similar savings of time and resources.

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