Immersed Body (Plummet)

The Plummet method (Immersed body or Density ball) is a universal instrument to determine the density of paints or related products. The method is based on 'Archimedes' principle. The upward force caused by immersing the plummet into the liquid is read from an analytical balance and expressed in grams/ml.

The Plummet consists of a spherical body made from stainless steel with holding rod and narrow neck section. Comes in a plastic case. The neck has a diameter of 1mm for the 10ml ball and a 3mm diameter for the 100ml ball. A stand (not included) to hold the Plummet is a needed part of the equipment. An electronic weighing scale (not included) is needed to perform the measurement. You will need a beaker (not included) to hold a sufficient volume of liquid; you would need 400ml of liquid for the 100ml ball and 100ml for the 10ml ball.


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