Ignitor Assemblies target CO2 laser industry.

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Intended for CO2 lasers used for cutting, marking, scribing, and engraving, Gas Discharge Igniter Assemblies include igniter ceramic manufactured with 99.5% high-purity alumina, sleeve, and flange. Ceramic-to-metal seals offer impact and thermal shock resistance, and can maintain hermeticity in variety of harsh conditions, including corrosive environments and temperature extremes up to 1,000°C, as well as high-pressure and high-vacuum environments.

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Alberox Offers Ignitor Assemblies for CO2 Laser Industry

Ceramic- to- metal assemblies offer several advantages, including better electrical properties, impact and thermal shock resistance

Alberox, a business of Morgan Advanced Ceramics (MAC) and a leading manufacturer of ceramic-to-metal assemblies and metal injection molding (MIM), announces its gas discharge igniter assemblies for carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers. CO2 lasers are used for cutting plastic, fabrics and glass, as well as a wide-variety of marking, scribing and engraving applications.

Alberox provides the complete assembly, which includes the igniter ceramic manufactured with 99.5% high purity alumina, sleeve and flange. High purity alumina is particularly well-suited for this application because it provides the required combination of dielectric properties, mechanical strength, and chemical stability.. The igniter assemblies offer an ideal solution for lighting the plasma charge within the laser through a variety of methods. These methods include utilizing a spark plug device, radio frequency power supply or other high voltage power supply.

Fully-tested and with total materials traceability when required, Alberox's igniter assemblies are manufactured using ceramic-to-metal seals, which offer several advantages over ceramic- to-glass seals. Ceramic-to-metal assemblies have better electrical properties, impact and thermal shock resistance, as well as provide a more durable, mechanically stronger solution than ceramic-to-glass assemblies. Additionally, ceramic-to-metal seals are able to maintain hermeticity in a variety of harsh conditions, such as temperature extremes (up to 1000°C), corrosive, high pressure and high vacuum environments. Ceramic-to-metal seals employ brazing to join the ceramic and metal igniter assembly components, which produces a strong bond and an excellent seal.

With decades of experience manufacturing igniter assemblies, Alberox's application engineering team is able to provide customers with the most efficient and reliable solution to fully meet their needs.

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