Iglide G300 and Iglide M250 Plastic Bearings Make Moving Camera Shots Possible

EZ FX uses igus bearings in camera jibs

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. - January 19, 2006 - Igus® Inc., the leading developer of Energy Chain Systems®, Chainflex® continuous-flex cables and iglide® plastic bearings, announced today that EZ FX, a company that provides versatile, user-friendly and cost-effective camera jibs to the film and video production industries, is using iglide G300 and iglide M250 on its entire line of products.

The company sells the EZ FX Jib and the Junior Jib, which aid customers in adding production value to their sets with the sophisticated look of moving camera shots. While searching for an alternative solution over bronze bushings more than three years ago, EZ FX discovered igus' line of iglide plain plastic bearings. The company now uses iglide G300 and iglide M250 on all of its jibs for a number of reasons.

Designed to be economical, all-around bearings, the G300 and M250 enable EZ FX to reduce costs dramatically. Iglide G300's ability to handle heavy loads also makes it a suitable match for the jib. Iglide G300 helps the camera, which can weigh up to 50 pounds, to pivot up and down in a seesaw motion with ease, while both bearings prevent corrosion between the aluminum rod of the jib and steel nuts and bolts.

Steve Bonin, owner of EX FX, says iglide bearings are easy to work with.

"We see many benefits from the iglide bearings. They reduce friction, are lighter weight than bronze and are cleaner to work with," said Bonin. "They are also a major cost savings, which is great for us and our customers."

EZ FX provides its jibs to customers from across the globe involved in a number of different productions. The jibs are used in TV stations, churches, weddings and on the set of motion pictures, to name just a few. To learn more about EZ FX and its products, visit www.ezfx.com.

About igus
Igus Inc., founded in 1985 and based in East Providence, R.I., develops and manufactures industry-leading plastic cable carriers, continuous-flex cables, plastic bearings and linear guide systems. With more than 28,000 products available from stock, the company meets the motion control and machinery component needs of customers worldwide. Product lines include Energy Chain Systems to protect and house moving cables, Chainflex continuous-flex cables, iglide self-lubricating, oil-free, plastic bearings, DryLin® linear guide systems and igubal® spherical bearings. For more information, contact igus at (888) 803-1895 or visit www.igus.com.

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