IEEE 1588 MCU and Module perform time synchronization.

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Addressing IEEE 1588 clock synchronization standard, IM3220-BA10 MCU and single board reference module deliver telecom, ITU G.8261, compliance. Microcontroller measures 24 x 45 mm, and user-programmable on-chip microcode enables it to adapt to range of embedded applications. Able to analyze and act on gate level in real time, solution supports two 10/100 Ethernet ports, 3 UARTs with 920 kbps, I²C or SPI port, and 8 DMA channels with sustained 83 MB/s throughput.

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Imsys Announces High Precision IEEE 1588 MCU and Module

A new device from Imsys Technologies outperforms competing solutions based on the ARM, XScale and PowerPC architectures and set new standards for performance, cost, and energy efficiency

IEEE 1588 is a clock synchronization standard for communication devices, which has seen a dramatic increase in interest over the past year. It is today seen as a fundamental cornerstone for future communication systems- wired and wireless, professional and consumer. IEEE 1588 enables these to be synchronized to GPS accuracy and enable the quality of service required for future communication systems. Imsys addresses these new, demanding applications with the introduction of the IM3220-BA10 MCU and the single board reference module that have been shown to deliver telecom, ITU G.8261, compliance.

With a size only ¼ of a business card, 24*45 mm, the IM3220 delivers best-in-class sync quality at less than 1/10th the power of the competitors and only 20-25% of their memory needs. Smaller footprint on the motherboard, as well as fewer connections and glue components result in the lowest-cost bill of materials.

Industry expert Dr Nick Tredennick says, "Unlike microprocessors, such as ARM and PowerPC, that were designed for workstation and desktop computing, the IM3220 MCU has been designed and optimized for embedded applications. Imsys microcontrollers are faster, cheaper, and more power-efficient than complex, high-power, compute-oriented microprocessors that have been adapted to the embedded market. User programmable on-chip microcode enables Imsys MCUs to adapt efficiently to a broad range of embedded applications."

The IM3220 represents a new type of platform components from Imsys. It combines the best features of traditional CISC architectures and efficient use of resources with FPGA flexibility for a predefined application - time synchronization. It dramatically reduces the cost of the external (local) oscillator when high precision time is communicated by the IEEE 1588 protocol. The outstanding accuracy of the IM3220 comes from the ability to analyze and act on gate level in real-time. The IM3220 MCU supports two 10/100 Ethernet ports, three UARTs with 920 kbit/s, I2C or SPI port, and eight DMA channels with a sustained 83 MB/s throughput.

Imsys' complete offering includes RTOS, TCP/IP-stack, fail-safe flash file system, and an IEEE 1588 protocol stack. With Imsys' full-fledged development system, the customer can concentrate on the application without worrying about software integration problems.

The drop-in module offers the customer low risk development and short time to market.

Pricing and availability
o IM3220-BA10 MCU is available now with a price of $16.58 in quantity of 10k.
o IM3220-M210 module comes with 32 MB DRAM, 8 MB flash and clock circuitry and is available now at a price of $98.00 in quantity of 1k.
o The IM3220 is supported by Imsys development kit DK3-3220.

About Imsys
Imsys Technologies is an innovative fabless semiconductor company that supplies world-leading processors, modules, and tools for embedded applications. The company develops energy efficient reconfigurable processors and software for target applications. The processors can be programmed in Java, C and Assembler. An important part of the company's offering is the Internet-enabled reference modules shipped as ready-to-go subsystems. Target markets for the integrated components are wired and wireless communications, graphic display technologies, and image processing applied in telecom, automotive, industrial automation, and consumer electronics.

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